"She and my mother are sisters."

Translation:Ona i moja matka są siostrami.

January 22, 2016

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Should “moja mama” be accepted?


Why is it siostrami? Is it because its plural? Why not siostra


What is oraz by the way


It's another way to say "i" = "and". Polish Wiktionary says that it's good to use in writing, but it's better to avoid it in spoken language. It does seem a bit too bookish in many contexts.


Should not "Ona i matka są siostrami" be correct as well? In the tips it explicitly states that you can drop the possesive pronoun when referring to family members.


When the family member 'belongs' to the subject of the sentence, not necessarily when they are the subject of the sentence.

But frankly, "Ona i matka" would rather be understood as "my mother" (or "our mother" when talking to your sibling). So OK, added.


I'm not sure if "She" is grammatically correct. It seems the meaning of this sentence is "'Her' mother and 'my' mother are sisters". Therefore I would say "Her and my mother are sisters". How would this relate to the Polish translation? Would a word for "her" and not "she" be grammatically correct here?


Those are two different things. You are proposing:

"Anna's mother and my mother are sisters." where "Anna's" is replaced by the possessive pronoun 'her'.

In Polish this would be: "Jej mama i moja mama są siostrami."

But we actually want to say:

"Anna and my mother are sisters."

Since "Anna" is the subject of the sentence, it can only be replaced by the subject pronoun "she". However, I know what you mean. These days many native speakers treat 'and' as a postposition instead of a conjuction, thus saying: "Me and my friends..."

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