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  5. "Our cookies are tasty."

"Our cookies are tasty."

Translation:Nasze ciasteczka są smaczne.

January 22, 2016



Again any way to deactivate capital letters in suggestions? It's way too easy this way


It would be nice, but that's just how the app works. So it's a question to the developers.


But I guess the creator could change the answer Either remove the capital letters or add in some other answers with capital letters so it is not completely obvious


The answer in the app is based on the basic, main answer. And obviously that answer has to start with a capital letter. It's a sentence, after all.

I'd say, that the app is generally very easy. Using the website is significantly more challenging (which doesn't mean difficult). My personal recommendation would be to use the website for learning new things, and the app only for strengthening skills.


Why does pyszne mean tasty?


'pyszne' means delicious, luxurious, elegant.


Luxurious? Elegant?


...Well, according to the University of Pittsburgh Slavic Languages and Literatures Department's pretty fantastic online dictionary: https://lektorek.org , which I've found invaluable for checking Polish declensions.


I can't imagine where. I mean, you can sometimes use it colloquially to mean something else than literally 'delicious' about food, but maybe you could use 'delicious' in English as well then...


I defer to you as a native speaker!

One thought, perhaps it's use/flexibility is similar to the Spanish adjective 'rico' -- to described wealth, cake and an experience.


"pyszne" and "smaczne" can be use as synonyms, but pyszne is more tasty than smaczne


Why is "Nasi ciasteczka" wrong?

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