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  5. "I need a woman."

"I need a woman."

Translation:Ja potrzebuję kobiety.

January 22, 2016



I can't say Potrzebuję kobieta?


Never. You use Genitive after potrzebuję.

Sometimes Polish people mistakenly use Accusative, but never Nominative


In Slovak we use accusative. I've seen genitive being used too (mainly in old movies), but it's not a standard. It's rather archaic and/or dialectal, although it doesn't sound too "wrong" to me as a native speaker.


Is there a rule to what verbs use genitive case and what verbs use accusative? I find this confusing


there are some verbs that can be described as "negative verbs" , but mostly- it is a list of verbs to learn by heart.

I've searched for some previous discussions with lists of those verbs



I seem to have a hearing problem, maybe a Polish native speaker can help me. Does the ę at the end of a word sound any different from an e? I guess what I'm wondering is: in oral contexts, would a Polish person recognize who needs a woman, if I just said potrzebuję(e) kobiety?
If you do hear different sounds, then that solves it, but if not... would you always use the corresponding personal pronoun when using these kinds of -ę/-e ending verbs?


"potrzebuję" and "potrzebuje" generally sound the same or almost the same. But you rather wouldn't use the pronoun anyway. The context and the topic of the conversation so far should rather make it clear 'who' needs a woman. However, of course there is a possibility that someone won't be sure, and in such a situation yes, you would add the pronoun. But I think only then, only if someone expressed doubts.


Why is it not ja potrzebuja kobieta? Why the e on the end? I'm confused.


The verb "potrzebować" (to need) takes Genitive. The Genitive form of "kobieta" is "kobiety". It ends with -y, not -e (but sometimes it's hard for foreigners to perceive the -y sound).

Also, It's "ja potrzebuję", "potrzebuja" is not any correct form.


My question should have been more clear, I was wondering why potrzebuje was correct and not potrzebuja?


Well, as I also said (although I focused on something else), 'potrzebuja' is not a Polish word. The declension seems totally regular here, with a usual -ę ending for 1st person singular, and you can check it here: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/potrzebowa%C4%87

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