"Jej mąż lubi psy."

Translation:Her husband likes dogs.

January 22, 2016

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How would you say "Her husband likes PSY" (the Korean singer)?


Korean singer is always in caps and pronounced differently.


Hi not sure if its possible but could you add "her husband likes fogs" to the accidental spelling error list. I have had my thumb slip a couple of times and tapped check before realising.

It's fine if you can't but figured i'd ask haha


And it would be a capital "P"


I think technically it should be: Jej mąż lubi PSY'a. (pronounced "Saya" from the English point of view, if we assume that "P" should be silent as in 'psychology' and similar words)

Not sure if linguists would indeed say that it should be this way or maybe leaving PSY would be enough.


Is it usual to spell "lubipsa" like one word or is it just the voice? Just asking.


Just the voice…


It is not pronouncing the whole sentence


That's true. Investigating.

EDIT: Works now (18.10.2020).


Its a bug that needs to be ironed out because it keeps giving it back to you until you get it right and you lose hearts when its not your fault


If it's a 'type what you hear' exercise (and only those actually need you to hear the audio), there should be a button like "I cannot listen", which disables audio exercises for an hour... after all it's a common situation, you use the Duolingo app but don't have headphones so you cannot listen to the audio.


Audio sounds robotic and weird on this one, like many others on duolingo..


Well, the audio is not a real voice after all, but a speech synthesizer, and clearly the technology is not great yet.

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