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  5. "Let's make food together."

"Let's make food together."

Translation:Beraber yemek yapalım.

January 22, 2016


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In other questions, I have to add "hep" before "beraber"
When I added it, it was wrong (again).
What's the deal?


Beraber cannot be after yemek? Like Yemek beraber yapalım?


Edit: No, it's incorrect. Check Selcen's reply.

Tip: It's the suffixes that give you the flexibility of word order in Turkish. So if an element in a sentence doesn't have an ending (except subjects) it usually has to have a stable position and it cannot be put anywhere like you do with the other inflected words.


Really? I believe "Yemek beraber yapalım" is incorrect, even in daily speech it would be really weird to use it. "Yemeği beraber yapalım", on the other hand, is correct, but it refers to a specific food.


This was my first answer too but somehow I got confused. I think you are right. But I also want to add that this is not a very serious mistake.. Native speakers are also likely to do this mistake in daily speech. At least I think so...


Ok, it's clear now, thank you :)


first of all "yemek yapmak" is a set phrase so you cannot place something in between.

Even if it were not, "yemek" is an unspecific (e.g. not accusative, yemeği) direct object and has to be placed right before the verb

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