Bilingual dictionary to read novels in Russian

So I brought a book in Russian in the kindle app for android but I must say that I am disappointed that there are no bilingual dictionary to help (russian-english, russian-german, russian-french or russian spanish would be fine)

Here are the possible solutions I thought about (and problems) :

  • using the bing in app translation (problem: not usable offline)

  • buy an kindle dictionary and use this hack to integrate it in the app (problem: the bilingual dictionaries available to buy on amazon seem to be bad - slovoed has really bad reviews, I don't mind paying for a dictionary but not if it's crappy)

  • use another app to read books in Russian, I found "FBReader free" (problem: the dictionary it uses is slovoed... again! bad...)

  • put the language of the kindle app in Russian (but I need to change the language of my amazon account for that and give a Russian address and phone number which I, of course, do not have - although I could give one of some friends? is that a good idea?)

So what to do? I feel I am running in circles here... Are there any people here who read Russian ebooks with a bilingual dictionary? How do you do it?

January 22, 2016


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Яндекс словари is quite good in my opinion and both their iOS and Android apps offer offline translation. English-Russian has the best support it seems (LEO, BTW, is a great Deutsch-Russisch dictionary).

Personally I read through a text and try to work out the meaning by context as I go. I make a note of new words and then look them up later.

January 22, 2016

I am using яндекс too but I did not know they had an app to look up things offline! That is great... I was hoping to find a way to have an in app translation (tap the word and see it) but apparently it is not possible... thanks for the tip anyway

January 22, 2016

FBReader for Android can use ABBYY Lingvo. It has many very good offline dictionaries, though most of them are not free.

January 23, 2016

^ I use the ABBYY dictionaries on my Kindle.

January 23, 2016

Can you use it as a real in app dictioonary or do you have to switch between books everytime?

January 25, 2016

Using FBReader you can long-tap a word and get a popup with translation.

January 25, 2016

And unfortunately it does not seem to be available for the kindle app... :-(

January 25, 2016

Ahhh that sucks :-(

Yes, on my Kindle I can use it as a proper dictionary - I actually have it set up currently so that in Russian books it translates to English, and in English books it translates to Russian. Makes it fairly entertaining if I come across an unfamiliar English word, but I figure it's good practice... 8-o

January 25, 2016

It's a very good dictionary. I have a copy on my desktop and use it constantly. A few years ago while changing computers, when unable to find the original disk w/o hesitation I bought a new copy. It's designed for Russian speakers but still works very well for English speakers. (It does crash more than you would expect, however, but restarts always work.) There's an online version available which is fairly good, too.

January 25, 2016

I haven't used it much as a separate dictionary, but my experience of it with reading Russian text on my kindle has been excellent.

January 25, 2016

Sorry to bother you, but how did you do to add a russian-something dictionnary? It proposes me to download english-russian and french-russian, but not the other way round. I found a separate lingvo app, but where can I buy the dictionary to integrate into fbreader?

January 28, 2016

Are we talking about the same app?

I don't know how it works on Kindle. I use it on my Android smartphone.

You can download the dictionaries in the Download section:

There are two free dictionaries: Russian Basic Set and Essentials. ABBYY Lingvo is designed for Russian users, so the technical remarks are made in Russian (i.e. singular/plural/perfective, this kind of remarks) and there is no sound for Russian words (it shows stresses though).

Here is how the translation looks in FBReader:

By the way, FBReader also supports ColorDict app. ColorDict uses StarDict format of dictionaries. Therefore, besides others (e.g. Russian Explanatory Dictionary) you can get all Lingvo dictionaries if you care to mess with torrents. Again, I'm talking about Android.

January 28, 2016

It is working! Thank you for the links and detailed explainations... it took me time because I had to pass my books from kindle to fbreader, but otherwise it was easy once I had the right tools...

January 30, 2016
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