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  5. "She is not a girl."

"She is not a girl."

Translation:Sie ist kein Mädchen.

January 14, 2013



Surely 'Sie ist nicht ein Mädchen can translate literally as 'she is not a girl'?


'Sie ist nicht ein Madchen' is wrong?


Consider kein as contraction of nicht+ein


So it's never acceptable to say nicht ein similar to how it isn't to say in dem instead of im? Are they required contractions? (Not that I'm complaining, I like less syllables :P)


I cannot say for sure because I am not German, but as far as I know contractions are mandatory when possible. I need confirmation though.


Yes. Whenever you have an indefinite article or no article, you use "kein." http://german.about.com/od/grammar/a/German-Negation.htm


but if it is Madchen (girl)... could it be: keine, instead of kein?


What Gcoid says. Mädchen is a neuter word, not female. All words ending in -chen are neuter; -chen is a diminutive although that is lost in Mädchen. "Männchen" is a little man and "Häuschen" is a little house.

As you may have noticed, an Umlaut is added to signify the change in sound. "Baum" > "Bäumchen". As with "Mädchen", the word doesn't change for plural, but the article does. "Das Bäumchen" > "die Bäumchen" (the little tree > the little trees). The same applies to "kein". "Sie sind kein Mädchen" (you are not a girl) > "Sie sind keine Mädchen" (they are not girls).


really helpful lenvist danx


no because it is "ein madchen" and I'm sure the rule is whatever the article should be (if it weren't negative) put a k in front and that negates it so if the article was einen the negative form is keinen


when do i use kein instead of nicht i keep getting them confused

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