"He remembers our parents."

Translation:On pamięta naszych rodziców.

January 22, 2016

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I was surprised to have this sentence marked wrong just because of the absence of the "On". I can see that you might stress the "he" here, but have never before seen it marked wrong to omit it unless the context made it essential. Was I just unlucky, or is there a special rule in this case?


I do not understand duo's policy. In English for Polish speakers missing "on" is almost always marked as mistake. But it is not a special case. You can omit "on" in this sentence and is correct, you just mis that bit of information. I would report it.


Thanks Baakamono and Immery - between you, you have made me realise the difference - and that missing an "on" (or an "ona" etc) is more serious than missing other pronouns.


What does the 'o' signify? It said the correct answer was "on pamięta naszych rodzicach"


"o naszych rodzicach" is more like "He remembers about our parents" as in "he remembers about the need to help them or about their birthdays", while "On pamięta naszych rodziców" is more like "He remembers our parents" (they died when we were young, but he does remember them).

Now both English and both Polish options will be considered 'best answer'.


Is naszych accusative? And rodzicow?


"pamiętać" takes Accusative, indeed.


Are you sure that 'pamiętać' takes genitive? I didn't see this information anywhere else. Can you provide a source please?


I can't, because that was wrong and I wonder how the heck did I manage to write it. "pamiętać" takes Accusative.


On pamięta naszych rodziców was not accepted. The system insisted on adding the o.


"On pamięta naszych rodziców" is a starred answer. "On pamięta o naszych rodzicach" is another one. If your answer was rejected, it must have been a bug.

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