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"Это для вас или для вашей жены?"

Translation:Is this for you or for your wife?

January 22, 2016



The way the voice pronounces жены sounds more like жёны to me here, anyone else has the same impression?


Sounds like ж, ш, ч, ц behave weirdly with О, Е and Ё. When speaking fast enough, it Е here becomes more like О.


Indeed! I found out since then that ж, ш and ц are always pronounced as hard consonants, making е sound like э, ё sound like о, and и sound like ы; that's what is happening here. Conversely, ч and щ are always pronounced as soft consonants leading to the same phenomenon in reverse, across all vowel pairs.


So, the correct pronunciation is with е or with ё? Here it is like "zhóny" but in Google translate like "zhení"...


женЫ not жЁны


He does the same thing with the genitive form of sister, which is сестры, but which he pronounces like the plural form, сёстры.

And that is after the Russian soft с, so has nothing to do with hard consonants, as mentioned by someone else here. He is just plain WRONG, in my opinion, and causing confusion.

To hear the difference in Google translate, type the English sentences "Is this for you or for your wife? The wives are kind." Translate into Russian. (They do not mark the trema, like much Russian print.) Highlight, one at a time, the genitive and plural forms in the Russian text, and listen to the audio by clicking the speaker icon on the lower left side. The native female speaker pronounces them entirely differently.

And has anyone else noticed that he pronounces the Russian letter в like a W? When he says, for example, спрашивает, he pronounces it like sprosh-ee-wa-yet, while the woman speaker does not. So, what's up with that? Perhaps he speaks a non-Moscow-Russian dialect?


"is it for you or for your wife?" should also be correct no?


I agree -- the distinction is like splitting hairs


Can one, and how would one go about, saying this in Russian if it is not a possible translation of the current sentence?


Google translate says both ways are acceptable.

And yes i know the pitfalls of Google translate!!


Can any native speakers comment on the stress/intonation of the voice here? It sounds off to me


Not a native speaker either, but it sounds off to me too. The TTS doesn't do very well with intonation, especially of questions.


I honestly don't think these are Text-to-Speech, these are recorded segments or isolated words put together, so the intonation that sounds wrong here might sound more appropriate in a different situation... Even if I can't imagine which.


Its definitely tts.


Why didn't we use ваша instead of вашей?


After для you have to use the genitive.


These bright red stripper heels? For my wife... of course.


I translated the sentence to,"Is this for you or is this for your wife?" It was not accepted. Since Russian is not translated word for word, I believe my answer should have been accepted. I am a native English speaker. Also, my wife who is a native Russian speaker (and has a degree in linguistics) says it should be accepted.


Should 'Is that for you or for your wife?' be accepted?


Etdlayavasilivaş.. what? She is in a hurry to catch the last bus..


Dofference between твой and вашей


Твоей is singular and said to people you are familiar / informal with. Вашей is plural but also for people you show respect / formality towards.


Sounds like a tongue twister to me

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