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Lost my 25 lingots while i was trying for certification

HI, I got up to 28 lingots and it says that with 25 lingots i can purchace certification and give it multiple times...

While i was in the mid of certification and my age was not loading so i went back to home page and found only 3 lingots lost and no certification link was there. Although after purchasing it shud always be there.

Please return my certification link

December 20, 2013



Hi... so sorry this happened! I've refunded your lingots so you can try again, and we're looking into what might have caused this. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!


Thanks a lot my frnd :) I must really appreciate the quick response and efforts :) :)


I am confused. When I reached Level 12, I purchased a Certification test. I thought the test would be based on the progress I have made so far. Instead it contained so many words that I have never encountered on. My DuoLingo that I had to quit. What is the deal with this? Why would I want to take a test that is way ahead of my level? Now I wasted 25 Lingots on this.


@gshoffs, several people use that to test their knowledge along the way and watch their scores increase. It can be a source of motivation and positive reinforcement. But, no one is required to purchase the test.


Perhaps DuoLingo should make that clear then in their description of the Certification. I agree assessments can be a source of motivation and positive reinforcement in an educational setting. However, that is only true when the material covered is the same as the material tested. I do not know anyone who is motivated by an unfair assessment. People are more likely to assume that the Certification Test is an accurate assessment based on their current level of study, rather than a generic assessment which may be far too advanced for them at that time.


I agree that the certificate should make clear that the test includes material from everything covered in the course. I have an odd feeling that it used to say something like that. I know that the programmers tend to test even minute details (like previously, we had a crying owl, and people were more motivated to study when it cried 3 tears as opposed to other numbers of tears.) So, if they took that description off, it is likely because, somehow, it negatively impacted more people's motivation than not. (Or, perhaps we are all in a test group to see whether or not it makes a difference.) But, without that info, I agree with you.


I also assumed that the test would be on just the modules that I had so far studied/unlocked. What is the point in testing someone on material that they have not even seen yet?


I would suggest moving this to the Troubleshooting forum. You can do that by following these steps:

  1. Edit post (add your operating system and browser. For example, mine are Windows 7/Firefox.)

  2. Click "Duolingo" in the editing window (it is a drop-down menu)

  3. Select "Troubleshooting" from the menu.

  4. Save

To find the troubleshooting forum in the future, go to the main discussion page and look to the right. Depending on what layout you have, it will either be directly to the right, or, you'll need to scroll down a bit until you see the miniature flags on the right.

Good luck!

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