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"Por que você não abre as cortinas?"

Translation:Why don't you open the curtains?

January 14, 2013



In England you often hear "draw the curtains" for closing them and perhaps less frequently "draw back the curtain" for opening them. Twitching the curtains is what the elderly (like me) do to see who's outside without being seen oneself.


Maybe some people in the U.S. say 'draw the curtains', but it is not common. I learned this expression from a kids' book. Amelia Bedelia, the maid, doesn't understand what 'draw the curtains' means, so she draws a picture of them. :-)


In Britain 'draw the curtains' seems to be commonly for both actions, and I doubted if Duo was aware of that, so I didn't risk it for this exercise!


gamers will know that your mother probably said this all the time


Can this be used as a suggestion like in English, as a way of saying "You should open the curtains"?


I'd be interested in this as well.


Came here to ask the same question. His intonation sounds like he wants to know the reason, but intonation of questions feels a little different in Portuguese, so ... ?


Yes, it can.


Why 'Por que' and not 'Porque'? I got it marked right but said that I missed a space in 'porque'.


porque means because, por que is why


Why is DRAPES not accepted?


Ikr? I wrote the same thing and it wasn't accepted!


Because someone might confuse that with draw the grapes?


Why don't you open 'up' the curtains? or open 'up' the blinds is commonly heard in the U.S. My sentence was marked as incorrect for using 'up' but that is very common as well.


"Open up the curtains" must be regional. I think I've heard it only applied to ideas, not physical objects. If you're learning English, I suggest "open the curtains."


It's slang, not formal.


Native US English speaker here. For the benefit of y'all who are struggling with the complexities of our language (as do we ourselves), Re "curtains" v. "drapes": "drapes" are generally made of a heavier fabric than curtains


... In fact, it is not uncommon to find both on a window, such that the lighter, translucent curtains can be covered by the heavier, opaque drapes.

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