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  5. "Wir spielen."

"Wir spielen."

Translation:We play.

January 22, 2016



Male voice pronounces this incorrectly, missing the l in "spielen" in both regular and slow speed.


Shouldt this be "we are playing"?


can be both.


Usually, when I get the "i before e" messed up in Deutsch, it give me the benefit of the doubt. DL marked "speilen" as incorrect. What does "speilen" mean, then?


the word "speilen" does not exist.

Btw., because I have read this several times now: there seems to be some "rule" in English (with lots of exceptions), when to write "i" before "e" or vice versa.
This is a rule that is valid only for English. There is no such rule in German, and there is no need for it, because "ei" and "ie" are two totally different sounds in German. "ie" is always pronounced like the English "ee", and "ei" is always pronounced like the Emglish "i" (except for words from foreign languages).
Germans therefore usually won't understand why people could ever have problems to confuse those with one another.


The fast form sounds like it starts with a g sound no matter how many times I try listening to it.


Agree no l was pronounced


So Spielen is used only when the subject is plural?


"spielen" is used only when the subject is 1st or 3rd person plural. 2nd person plural is "spielt" (same form as 3rd person singular in this case).


It keeps saying the answer is "We gamble" but the only answer choices are playing, play, and speak

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