The first time that I took the test, I scored 1.73 out of 5.00. I have been working very hard since then. I took it today, and I got .5! How can I find out why I did so badly? Can you tell me?

2 years ago


Each test is a random selection of sentences taken from the entire course, so you face "the luck of the draw" each time, and you must have had the misfortune to encounter more sentences from the latter part of the tree on your second try. I have given you enough lingots for another test. Wait a while to calm down and then try again. You may be pleasantly surprised- but at any rate don't interpret it as something wrong with you.

2 years ago

Thanks, I did it again and got the same score as three months ago. Do you count accents in the test? I have spent countless hours in the last three months, and now I am even with my first score. My wife, who is South American and bilingual , says that I have improved significantly. It is very frustrating and discouraging. I am at the same level, 52 per cent, that I have been for three months. I was a practicing lawyer for 40 years, so I can't be that dumb. It feels hopeless, should I just quit and find another program. Countless hours for three months should show progress, but it doesn't on Duolingo.

2 years ago
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The 52% fluency is not an accurate number. It doesn't really measure anything. It's a shame that you are not improving on your progress tests. If you are asking whether Duolingo counts accents, it would suggest that it is one of your weaknesses. Try working on that for a while. Have you finished your tree? If you have, start the reverse tree. Learning the reverse tree has really helped me to learn more about my language.

2 years ago

If your wife says you have improved significantly, believe her!

2 years ago
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