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  5. "Я не дуже люблю апельсини."

"Я не дуже люблю апельсини."

Translation:I do not really like oranges.

January 22, 2016



"I really do not like oranges" is marked as incorrect, but I think it's actually a more accurate English translation.

"I really do not like oranges" > "I don't like oranges" > "I don't really like oranges."

"I don't really like oranges" actually decreases the amount of dislike, rather than increasing it, as дуже is intended to do.


The meaning depends on whether "дуже" ("really") is placed directly before the verb or before the negated phrase and it works exactly the same way as in English:

  • "I really do not like oranges." - "Я дуже не люблю апельсини."
  • "I do not like oranges." - "Я не люблю апельсини."
  • "I do not really like oranges." - "Я не дуже люблю апельсини."


Youre totally right. Was just about to mention thta myself


No, that means you don't like oranges, which is technically not what is being said. The meaning is first and foremost that he/she doesn't love orangea or "really like" them, but they could still "like" them or be neutral towards them. Sorry.

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