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  5. "This is a good citizen."

"This is a good citizen."

Translation:To jest dobry obywatel.

January 22, 2016



Why is "To dobry obywatel" wrong? I think it should be accepted (I even reported that), but if I'm mistaken, please explain me. Thanks in advance!


It's correct. Have you reported it?


Yes, I've reported it, fortunately!


what is the construction with the instrumental case?


It's impossible here, the construction with Instrumental is possible when at the beginning of the sentence (X is Y) the X is either a noun phrase or a personal pronoun (and the Y is a noun phrase, of course). "This" in "this is" serves as the subject, it is not a demonstrative creating a noun phrase.

If the sentence was "This man is a good citizen", that would be either "Ten mężczyzna to dobry obywatel" or "Ten mężczyzna jest dobrym obywatelem".


I disagree. 'This' is a pronoun standing for this man. Therefore in polish complicarions the logical formis the instrumental. Bur t Ethnic languages are rarely logical.


The dummy pronoun 'to' (not to be confused with the demonstrative pronoun 'to') always requires the nominative case. Very simple. No need to bring ethnicity into this.


This would actually make a good portemanteau: »To jest dobrywatel.« ;-)

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