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January 22, 2016



Msky thank you. I was trying to figure out what it wouod be in cyrilic letters.


Bit hard to hear the p sound initially.


last two letters read as "zhe"


Почему "же"? Должно быть "ше."


I'm curious why you used "е". Doesn't "е" sound like "ye" ("иэ") and "э" sound like "e"? So "же" would sound like "zhye" or "zhie", instead of "zhe" ("жэ"), correct?


in russian cyrillic "е" in "же", "ше" and "це" spells like "э".


"йе" not "иэ."

ж and ш do not palatalize in Russian, and е is a palatalizing vowel, so they sound the same as "жэ" and "шэ." You always write those consonants with е never э.


I think maybe the voice synthesizer isn't saying it well, and the correct pronunciation is "жэ"? I think the Polish "z" often makes the "ж" sound, also like the French j sound as in "Je mange." So I think "proszę" is pronounced "proszhe" ("просжэ").


The Polish "sz" is treated as one phoneme. You are taking the "s" and "z" separately, which is incorrect. It would be "проше" if written in the Cyrillic alphabet


Isn't it pronounced like "proshen"? That special e (I don't have it in my keyboard) sounds like "en" i think...


At the end of words 'ę' is pronounced like a normal e, such as in 'mleko'.


hey guys, could you, please answer me, why Proszę means only "you are welcome"?
for example: if i ask "could i come in? or may i have a seat?" - in Poland you'll receive an answer "Proszę bardzo / Proszę" - and in English it would be "yes, please / please have a seat etc" ... or for example this sentence: "Wiem o co chodzi, proszę mi powiedzić...." - in English it would be: "I know, could you, please, tell me...."
in this sentence you could use poproszę mi powidzić, jednak Poproszę to jest forma dokonana, a proszę - nie dokonana i tyle.

wiem to, bo mieszkam w Warszawie :)


It's the same as German bitte or Russian пожалуйста (pożalujsta)


can anyone recommend a good Polish keyboard for Android?


None needed. On the regular Gboard (the default Android, non-Samsung, keyboard), press and hold the comma " , " and then press the settings symbol that looks like a little gear. From there just click Languages and then add Polish.

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