January 22, 2016

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Msky thank you. I was trying to figure out what it wouod be in cyrilic letters.


hey guys, could you, please answer me, why Proszę means only "you are welcome"?
for example: if i ask "could i come in? or may i have a seat?" - in Poland you'll receive an answer "Proszę bardzo / Proszę" - and in English it would be "yes, please / please have a seat etc" ... or for example this sentence: "Wiem o co chodzi, proszę mi powiedzić...." - in English it would be: "I know, could you, please, tell me...."
in this sentence you could use poproszę mi powidzić, jednak Poproszę to jest forma dokonana, a proszę - nie dokonana i tyle.

wiem to, bo mieszkam w Warszawie :)


It's the same as German bitte or Russian пожалуйста (pożalujsta)


Bit hard to hear the p sound initially.


Isn't it pronounced like "proshen"? That special e (I don't have it in my keyboard) sounds like "en" i think...


At the end of words 'ę' is pronounced like a normal e, such as in 'mleko'.


can anyone recommend a good Polish keyboard for Android?


None needed. On the regular Gboard (the default Android, non-Samsung, keyboard), press and hold the comma " , " and then press the settings symbol that looks like a little gear. From there just click Languages and then add Polish.

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