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"Мой брат работает уже четырнадцать часов."

Translation:My brother has been working for fourteen hours already.

January 22, 2016



The system is having a hard time recognizing when I speak any number between and including eleven through nineteen. And I think I have a pretty decent pronunciation :) so just reporting this in case anyone else is experiencing the same. (edit: I also reported through 'Report a Problem')


Exactly the same problem here. I'm also struggeling wih numbers four to ten, the system just doesn't recognize these numbers. Actually, the system can't even understand itself, so when you let the system read the sentence and press "record" immediately, it doesn't accept its own pronounciation of the numbers.


I'm having the same


It's converting Russian number words into Arabic numerals which then get marked as incorrect.


How does one distinguish "my brother HAS BEEN working" from, "my brother IS working" in this sentence? I don't see where the "has been" comes from in this sentence.


I think it's just a difference in idioms between English and Russian. In English we put this in the past tense (what he has been doing) whereas in Russian it is in the present tense (his current state).

It's like the opposite of how in English we say that he IS tired (present tense) but in Russian он устал (past tense) to mean the same thing.


I agree. There is many such examples in this lesson.


The numbers just don't work! It's not our fault!


Часов sounds like чисов in the audio. Is something wrong with my hearing, the audio or is this another special rules that makes i's out of a's?


Why is 'works' wrong?


How can you say 'My brother has been working since 2 pm.' ?


Yes, I find the same difficulty in getting the concept.
Also, I would have said уже работает...


Not a thing to brag about


Why is switching the placement of "работает" and "уже" marked wrong? Does it change the meaning of the sentence, is it awkward/grammatically incorrect...?

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