"Drewniana łyżka"

Translation:A wooden spoon

January 22, 2016

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Will I forever confuse bed and spoon? Hear and listen? And so many, many more words?!! Will I see ich as I and my as meaning me?!! Too many languages in a weak head is dangerous!


Assuming a "wooden spoon" as a prize doesn't mean last place when translated. Is there a polish equivilent or parallel to getting the wooden spoon meaning coming last in something?


Nothing I know of. The only thing that comes to my mind is "nagroda pocieszenia", but that's "consolation prize" so it definitely doesn't have to be the last place.


I've never heard of that usage, usually I've heard 'getting the wooden spoon' as being punished, i.e. like a parent getting a wooden spoon to smack their child when they misbehave


dieriewiannaja lożka, in Russian

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