I was just informed by a student who had accessed the discussion forum that the reason my students cannot see the assignments tab is due to A/B testing. I was really looking forward to using this feature with my class this semester. When, if at all, will I be able to utilize this feature? (This was so uncool to find out after the fact!)

January 23, 2016


Hi! There is no assignments tab currently available to any students. As the feature is, students will get an email telling each of them exactly what was assigned and what they need to do to complete the assignment before the due date. Please ask them to check their emails! :]

In theory, being able to assign a targeted topic (vocabulary or grammar) is great. Unfortunately, I just realized that students need to complete all activities leading up to the "assignment" in order to be able to do the assigned topic. I think this is a problem in the programming, and renders the "assignment" function useless. I wish that the assignment would be made available in isolation.

Hi! Click here and on "For Educators". There are explanations there detailing why that is not currently offered. I hope it answers your questions about it. :]

[deactivated user]

    I don't think students have ever been able to see the Assignments tab. Currently, the only way is too look in their email at the notifications they get.

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