"Do you respect my grandfather?"

Translation:Czy wy szanujecie mojego dziadka?

January 23, 2016

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Why is moj in the genitive case?


It is not , it is accusative , you always use accusative after "szanować". Dziadek is masculine animated so Accusative=Genitive


Did I mention my grandfather is Chuck Norris?


How do I know when to use the genitive case? I understand it has something to do with possession, but wouldn't moj be just as possessive as mojego?


First at all - there is no genitive in this sentence.

Genitive in Polish is used: - with negation instead of accusative
- after certain verbs
- after certain prepositions
- to indicate possession
- in some other rare situations

Masculine "animated" nouns in singular, and masculine personal nouns in plural have accusative=genitive.

my house= Nom. mój dom (masc. not animated)= Acc. mój dom-- Gen. mojego domu
my grandpa = Nom. mój dziadek (masc. animated)-- Acc. mojego dziadka=Gen mojego dziadka


Yeah, I'm completely confused. Hovering over mojego says (sg. masc. Gen.) What does this mean if not genitive?


It does mean Genitive, and Genitive is one of the two cases which have a form 'mojego', but there's no way (at least for now) to make Duolingo show only hover tips that relate to a specific sentence. "Dom mojego dziadka" = "My grandfather's house" is indeed Genitive, but here it's Accusative, like immery has said before.

Moral of the story: don't trust hover tips that much, they show possible translations which are dependent on a context, and not only it's possible that some of these won't have a usage in a given sentence, but sometimes even none of them may be useful because it shows maximum 3.


Would "Czy wy szanujecie moją dziadka" be correct ? In the case where the person saying that would be a woman ?


"dziadek" is "grandfather", not "grandparent". And it is him who decides the form, not who is saying the sentence.


Czemu nie: "Czy Pan szanuje mojego dziadka?"


why wasn't 'wy' one of the words to choose from ? only 'ty' was available.


if we omit the mojego "szanujecie dziadka?" or "szanujesz dziadka" ? does it imply it is THEIR grandpa?

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Ty was used in the question with no choice to change it. In confirming the answer, it says there is a typo and wy should have been used. But ty was supplied.


If there was any typo (anywhere in the answer), then you got corrected to the main answer, which is "Czy wy szanujecie mojego dziadka?". This doesn't mean that "ty" was the problematic part.


i did not use 'ty' and it went red ...


Well, what was your whole answer? The mistake might have been somewhere else. The correction is not necessarily the closest correct answer to yours, which sometimes may make it seem as if your answer was completely wrong, although it only had a typo.


do i need to use 'ty' here ????


Why can't it be simply "szanujesz mojego dziecka?"


"Szanujesz mojego dziadka?" works.

Your version is like asking "Do you respect my child?", although with a grammar mistake, because as "dziecko" is a neuter noun, it should be "Szanujesz moje dziecko?".

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