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  5. "Tam olarak ne yapıyor?"

"Tam olarak ne yapıyor?"

Translation:What exactly is he doing?

January 23, 2016



Can you say "tam olarak" to confirm or agree with what someone has just said? We use "exactly" in this way in English...


Yes you can, although "kesinlikle" is used somewhat more commonly and translates exactly to "exactly" ;)


I just remembered that I hear "aynen" a lot in this context too. Always found the world funny because it sounds so German.


Hahah, yes. Actually there is a nonsensical phrase "aynen klaynen" (read einen kleinen) some people use to express "exactly", "completely same" etc in a goofy way.


Wow, "tam olarak" has a lot of different meanings: exactly, quite, fairly, to be precise, literally....etc., etc.


"Tam olarak ne yapıyor?" Translation: What exactly is he doing?


What is she doing exactly? & Exactly what is she doing?

What is it doing exactly?

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