"Je mange des fraises."

Translation:I eat strawberries.

January 14, 2013

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I'm a bit confused. On a previous item, I answered "Les enfants mangent des fraises" and was told it should be "les fraises". Anyone have any ideas why it might be "des fraises" in one context and "les fraises" in the other (both following the verb manger)?


Depends on what the English sentence was. In general, "les fraises" is THE strawberries. "Des fraises" is some strawberries or just "strawberries". If someone asked you what you were eating and you said "I'm eating the strawberries", that implies the person you're talking to has previous knowledge of the strawberries (maybe they told you not to eat them or something). If you said "I'm eating strawberries" it doesn't imply any previous knowledge, just that you are infact eating strawberries.


Can you say please, will it be any difference between "i eat strawberries" in general, as i can eat that, and "i'm eating strawberries" right now?


Not in French; it doesn't have a continuous form. You can usually tell by context if it's "I eat" or "I am eating", but of course the context is missing here on Duolingo.

If you really want to stress it, you could say "Je suis en train de manger des fraises." for "I am (in the process of) eating strawberries." but it is rarely used.


"Je mange des fraises" = "I eat strawberries"

"Je mange les fraises" = "I eat the strawberries"


"Les fraises" would mean "the strawberries" while "Des fraises" woupd mean "(some) strawberries".


maybe its something to do with tenses.


I answered correctly as shown by the supposed correction in red ink, yet got marked wrong... Ffs. Glitch?


I wrote "I eat strawberries" (which is the translation that it says here below the sentence in french) and it told me it was wrong and said it was "some". Why does it say, I eat strawberries, here but it says, I eat some strawberries, in the question?


if i want to say "i eat a strawberry" wouldn't it be "Je mange une fraise" ? Then "i eat some strawberries" would be "je mange de la fraise" ?


i said "i eat strawberrys


it dosent have propper gramar


ughhh i just spelled strawberry wrong ughhh


Can you say, I am eating strawberries, or I eat strawberries

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