"Nasze dziecko jest pingwinem."

Translation:Our child is a penguin.

January 23, 2016

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I love this sentence and I imagine situations in which I would use it


Well, carnival is a thing.. or maybe some scarred blood-dripping version on Halloween? I don't know how much our Polish neighbours care about such 'traditions', especially regarding the fact that 'Halloween' just arrived in Europe again from the USA after WWII. And carnival is celebrated in Germany, so I don't know if and how our neighbours do it.


Halloween slowly gets some ground, but many people still mock the idea of such a 'tradition'. For example, if you were to knock on someone's door saying "Trick or treat!", you'd be considered crazy, and I don't think anyone keeps sweets at home for that reason. Besides, I never understood why in America people often dress up in random costumes which are not scary at all... isn't this what carnival is for?

As carnival is concerned... if you've finished grade three of primary school, you probably won't even notice it. Which is kinda pity.


I am a penguin https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16331203 my child is a penguin... Why do I learn Polish? I guess the next exercise will be about my wife...


I'm sure Pingu's mum and dad find this very useful. Maybe they don't just say "Manamamamananam Noot Noot" on Polish TV?

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