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  5. "Ja chodzę i mówię."

"Ja chodzę i mówię."

Translation:I walk and speak.

January 23, 2016



But can you also chew gum...


W tym samym czasie chodzę i żuję gumę.


I put i am walking and speaking but it said talking was the correct answer. Howcome thats wrong here?


Chodzę i understand to mean the habitual, general sense that i walk, in contrast to idę, which only means i am walking right now. So to translate "chodzę" as "i am walking" i think is a near miss


well I can say "chodzę i mówię" when I talk on the phone and walk mindlessly during the conversation. "idę" needs direction.


Ah, I see, thanks for the clarification


The problem is on English side , either it is not a correct English sentence or the course is missing a correct answer.


Multitasking in polish


active sense in both parts of the sentence structure; I am walking and I am talking. why is this incorrect?


Added now, but have in mind that in Polish repeating the subject would feel just wrong.

Also, remember that "I am walking" (Pr. Continuous) only works here because there is no direction/goal/purpose specified, just 'walking around'. Otherwise, it would have to be I walk/I go (on foot).


Although technically correct English you would rarely repeat "I am" unless in the situation where you wanted to emphasise the fact that YOU are doing something generally in a sarcastic or irritated tone. E.g. I am working and I am earning us money so leave me alone!


Or if your on the phone and they ask what you are doing "I am walking and talking" of course the answer of walking and speaking is not really how you would say it.


So is chodz- an imperfective verb?


Yes. Until some point (Simply the "Perfective" skill, I believe), all verbs that you learn in the course are imperfective. "iść" is imperfective as well.


I don't know why, but I entered "Ja chodzę i mówię" and it said INCORRECT - correct solution: "Ja chodzę i mówię.". Uhh??


Must have been a bug. If you could take a screenshot next time, that would be lovely.


How would you say: I walk my talk?


Finally! Something to write to my Babcia in Poland about. That plus the fact that i have new underpants. She'll be so proud! :D

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