"Onde fica o restaurante?"

Translation:Where is the restaurant?

January 14, 2013

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is "where is the restaurant?" really said/written as "onde fica o restaurante?" as opposed to "onde é o restaurante?"

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Both are correct.


is there a fundamental difference between "e", "estar" and "ficar" ? or can everyone of them be used in the same phrase ?


If you go back to the tree, each lesson has a little light bulb that brings you to the "Tips and Notes" associated with that section. The difference between these three is thoroughly explained there.

In general: Ser - to be, permanently Estar - to be, temporarily Ficar - to become


Then wouldn't a more appropriate translation be "Where will the restaurant be?"?


Obrigado. Nao sei em luz


why not "onde esta o restaurante"


We would say "Onde fica?" or "Onde é?" to ask where the restaurant is located (its adress, neighborhood, or city, etc.). "Onde está", which is the same as "Cadê", in case the person is looking for it and can't find it


As in Cadê o restaurante? I’ve heard Cadê? and Cadê você?, Cadê seu namorado?, Cadê a coisa?, but Cadê (algum lugo)?—is it common for places that don’t move about?

Would it be just for things like restaurants, meet-up spots, etc.—places that, from the perspective of the speaker, could change location—or could you even say Cadê a casa dele? or Cadê Boston?


It can be used to talk about any type of place. The expression is usually used when the speaker knows something is close or within sight but they're struggling to find it.


Where the restaurant is? Is it correct?

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