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Incubator stats

Can we see incubator application stats?

I would like to see which language pairs are we going to see in future. I am interested in relatively small European languages like Estonian, Slovene, Latvian, etc.

Are they in the waiting list?

4 years ago

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Hear! Hear! :)

I would also be interested. For example, I want to do everything I can to help Duolingo acquire Arabic (fushaa, classical, or modern standard Arabic).

To this end I never stop recruiting contributors. At one point I was excited to see Arabic listed as a course for which contributors could apply directly. Now it seems to have fallen into the area of "Any Language." Since Luis posted that 20,000+ applications were received, how many were received for Arabic? So that I can know if more recruiting would be useful.

Also has an Arabic team already been set? Are they hard at work? Have they posted updates on their progress?

Is the plan to develop Fushaa or one of the dialects/'Ammiyyah/regional variants such as Egyptian Arabic?

I'm guessing those pressing for other languages would also like a way to know if they need to keep recruiting moderators.

Thanks for any feedback the team(s) can give!

4 years ago