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Hilfe bitte!

Also ich lese jetzt einen Bericht an der DW Website. Und es gibt diese Satz, die ich nicht verstehe kann. Vielleicht könnte jemanden mir helfen.

"Die Kontrollen Könnten demnach bis ende 2017 fortgeführt werden"

Also hier ist die Frage : Warum haben wir 3 Verben in dieser Satz??! Und jedes ist in einer Zeitform!

January 23, 2016



Die Kontrollen könnten demnach bis ende 2017 fortgeführt werden.
The controls could in accordance with them until the end of 2017 continued be.
The border controls could remain in place until the end of 2017, in accordance with [the plans under discussion].

(I'm not quite sure about the meaning of "fortführen" -- it seems to mean "to continue" or "to pursue, but it might be that the plans will come into play at the end of 2017 instead of finishing by then.)

This is a very cool sentence! It's using the passive voice -- where instead of saying "A verbs B", you say "B is verbed". In German, however, they don't use "sein" ("to be") to make the passive voice. They use "werden" ("to become" or "will" -- but it doesn't make it the future tense). Here are some examples:

Sie wird geliebt. She is loved.
Das Brot wird von uns gegessen. The bread is eaten by us.
Wir wurden geschlagen. We were hit. -- Imperfect tense.
Ich bin durch den Verkehr verspätet worden*. I have been delayed by the traffic. -- Perfect tense.
Er wird gemocht werden. He will be liked. -- Future tense. The two "werden"s are doing different things.
Das Kind muss belehrt werden. The child must be taught. -- Present tense with a modal verb.

And finally, the sentence you're wondering about:

Sie könnten fortgeführt werden. They could be continued.

* The past participle of "werden" is "geworden", but the passive voice already has a "ge" word in there so the "ge" is chopped off the front of "geworden".


That was smart, I should have searched for the sentence.


Aha it is a little bit complicated, but i think I've got the idea.

So it is "Konjunktiv I Präsens + Passiv" right?

I hope i am not wrong or I am going crazy :(


Conditional present passive? (I get Konjunktiv I and II mixed up...) Yes, that's right.

It's not complicated, really -- just think "to become verbed" instead of "to be verbed", and you have the German passive voice. :)


Well this sentence was quoted in the report from another newspaper, thats how i figured thar it was a Konjunktiv I :P


That means something along the lines of "Thus the inspections could be continued until the end of 2017" which you will note also has three verbs.

könnten- could, werden - be (in this case as part of forming the passive voice), fortgeführt - continued.


Thank you ..

It is just i know what they mean, but I couldn't figure out in what tense is the sentence. :(

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