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  5. "Nós não temos qualquer cão."

"Nós não temos qualquer cão."

Translation:We do not have any dog.

January 14, 2013



Weird in English. It could only work as the reply to a sentence like "That dog of yours ❤❤❤❤ on my lawn again!" Otherwise, I suggest putting dog in the plural.


Agreed. For the given translation, I would say instead "Nós não temos nenhum cão".


Or "Nós não temos um cão que seja", "Nós não temos cão algum".

Unless they mean that theirs is no ordinary dog. As in "We don't have just any dog". But then the sentence in English should be changed. =)


This is how I understood it.


I just assumed this was the response I got from the butcher after asking for do meat. :)

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