"I love him, therefore he is my husband."

Translation:Kocham go, dlatego jest moim mężem.

January 23, 2016

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Why "Kocham jego" is not correct? I was thinking jego and go are synonyms, aren't they?


go/jego/niego are synonims, but used in different positions of sentence. "go" is unaccented , "jego" is stressed, niego is stressed too and used only and always after prepositions.

I think in this sentence You can translate either

Kocham go, dlatego (on) jest moim mężem

Kocham jego, dlatego on jest moim mężem. - you put stressed on HIM in the first part of sentence , you should put stress on HE in the second part to


oh, now it's clear! thank you so much for your explanation! :)


Why is it "moim mężem" and not "mój mąż"?


because you always have noun in instrumental after 'jest". And in this sentence there is no place for to


I thought that "więc" means "therefore" and "dlatego" means because. Am I mistaken?


A bit. "dlatego, że" means "because". "dlatego" here is more like "that is why".

Which will be the default sentence now, as you're right that something was off here.

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