"Nós recebemos dinheiro."

Translation:We have received money.

January 14, 2013



It needs to be marked as "My answer is also correct." This is another case where present and past tense are they same, but they aren't recognizing present tense yet.

June 29, 2013


Literal translation syndrome perhaps? Wouldn't get be better? (Note: I am not saying receive would not also be an appropriate translation in some contexts)

January 14, 2013


This should be present tense

March 31, 2017


"recebemos" is both present and past tense.

March 31, 2017


Certainly true, but odd to have the model answer appear to be past tense during a lesson module on the present (Present 3 in the tree, first one even).


We receive money seems to make more sense, with the optional, We received money being accepted as well

Not really sure yet where the addition of have fits in from English to Portuguese and back again though. But turns out this is the English Perfect Present Tense (as opposed to Simple Present):


Wondering how that matches up to the Portuguese tenses, as it seems disputed here:


Coincidentally with a link in the comments back to Duolingo and your co-mod who says it matches up to Portuguese Past Perfect (Pretérito Perfeito).


I am all confused now and going to take a break...

October 2, 2017


Well, this is a long-term discussion and you'll see a lot of it throughout the lessons... Don't hurry up... Learn it little by little =)

October 2, 2017


Thank you for your thoughts and words.

The funny thing was that I did walk away, and go for a walk and at some point I realized that as slow as it is for me, I am making the words a part of who I am as much as the native language. So maybe I will be like Einstein who did not talk for his first 5 years and then, I will stun everyone with full perfect sentences. :D

But only in simple present tense. =]

October 9, 2017


Why does passive tense (have received) translate better than active tense (received)?

March 31, 2017


"have received" is not passive here, but "present perfect". Most of the time, "simple past" and "present perfect" are translated the same way in Portuguese.

March 31, 2017
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