Thanks to staff at duo!!! Please read!

Dear duo staff! I'd like to thank you for setting up Duolingo because it has expanded my learning in school and made a difference to my reports! I aim for 5-10 lessons a day even in school! I just started Spanish and I am level 5 and I started French as my first course and I am level 8 & 50% fluent. I have been on for around half a year and have found the experience amazing. I earn lots of lingots and give them away to other hard working people. I definetly give Duolingo a thumbs up and I'm sure others do too!

<h1>duolingoIsAmazing!!</h1> <pre> #spanish and French </pre>
2 years ago


continue the hard work and best regards for continuous achievements.

2 years ago
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congrats i give duo a thumbs up

2 years ago
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