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I speak both english and german quite fluently. Since there are more courses offered for english speakers than for german speakers, I do those courses as an 'english speaker'. However, I would like to do some of the courses in german (my native language) as well. But this seems to be impossible.

January 23, 2016


Yes! There are courses for multiple languages! I will give you examples from German, since you are nearly fluent.

First, you'll need to add a course. Which is found when you hover over the Language Icon right next to your username, it's found at the bottom of the drop-down box (click here to go directly to it: Add Course). Next, you'll see at the top-right, there's a box where you can choose what you speak, select German, but note, you'll see that after you choose a course for this, your WHOLE Duolingo turns into German. There, you'll click one of the 3 courses currently offered for German speakers, English for German, French for German, or Spanish for German. Once you click to learn this course, your whole Duolingo will translate into German. It's a bit confusing to switch between your English and German courses...

You'll have to repeat this process again to the page of the language you chose, where there you'll switch. Then to switch back to the English Duolingo, you'll have to go to Courses again, and then go to the drop down to click Englisch. To go back to German again, follow the previous instructions in the previous paragraph.

Also, to note in the future; move posts that are not glitch reports to the Duolingo Forum. The Troubleshooting Forum is for Glitch Reports only, and should be used to report a specific glitch / bug on Duolingo. The reason that this should be moved is so the Duolingo Techs don't have unnecessary posts in the Troubleshooting Forum, there is a very small tech team, and this makes things easier for our techs.

Hope I helped!
If you have any more questions, message me via my stream.

- Hyllning

January 23, 2016

How Duolingo works is each course is designed seperately. So right now you can do English, French and Spanish for German speakers. Just click on 'add a new course' and select German as the language you speak.

It's not a matter of just translating a Spanish course into German, English, French and so on. There's multiple independant courses. So for my Spanish example, there's Spanish for German speakers, Spanish for French speakers, and Spanish for English speakers. That's three seperate courses, run by different volunteers.

As an English native learning Dutch, I'd also love to see more courses for German speakers, especially Dutch for German speakers. Often when a course such as Dutch for German speakers is created, the opposite soon follows (German for Dutch speakers), and since I want to learn Dutch and German, that'd be great. :)

Good luck with learning!

January 23, 2016

I agree with everyone, and if you want to see the courses available in German, here: I know there's only three, but oh well. What a bummer. :I Happy learning!

January 23, 2016
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