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Inactive - FAQ, Discussions and Suggestions for the Streak Hall of Fame

Note: This Streak Hall of Fame is no longer being updated. The last published edition from November 2017 is linked to in the Sign Ups thread, linked to below.


What is it? The One Year+ Streak Hall of Fame (SHoF) awards medals to people on Duolingo who have a streak of 365 days or more in a row. It is an unofficial, opt-in list.

Who started it? Major credit goes to jitengore for creating the SHoF in April 2014 and maintaining the list until his post got mangled in November 2015. This new SHoF was started by me in January 2016.

Where's the latest update? The SHoF is updated every Sunday. There is a link near the top of the SHoF Sign Ups thread to the most recent update.

Getting included

How do I request that my name be added? After you have reached a streak of 300 days or more, please post a comment on the SHoF Sign Ups thread to request your name be included. Posting on this FAQ thread, on my Activity stream, the weekly updates or any other place will not get you added. The update script which generates the next SHoF adds new, qualified people from the posts on the SHoF Sign Ups thread, nowhere else.

Can I get another Duolingo user added? Only by getting that person to sign up on the thread linked to above. The SHoF is generated from the qualified people who post there. Post content is not scanned.

About streaks, keeping them and losing them

Why is having a streak important? In itself, a streak is not important. However, it shows your commitment to practicing every day. It can be a motivating factor which helps you to come back to the site or the app daily, to practice and improve. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you are learning the language(s) you want to know!

How do I know what my streak is currently? Your current streak on Duolingo is shown in the top bar, after the flame icon, to the right of your name. You need to practice online, either on the web site or using the app, and make your daily XP goal to increase your streak. If you don't make your XP goal or are not online when you achieve it, your streak ends. The web site shows a checkmark on the streak icon when you reach your XP goal for the current day.

What are some good tips for keeping my streak going?

  • Try to practice around the same time every day. Earlier in the day is better for most people.

  • Set up a reminder in your profile on the web site to email you if you haven't reached your goal by early afternoon.

  • Set your daily goal to 1 XP (web site only) and buy Timed Practice in the Lingot Store. For yourself, set a weekly goal equal to 7 * your actual desired daily goal (mine is 7 * 40 = 280). Then, if you have a day when you're in a rush, you can complete your goal on the web site in under a minute by answering just one question and letting the timer run out. Don't forget to proceed to the page where it registers your progress and check the streak icon at the top of the page has the check mark and correct streak number. To double-check, refresh the page.

Why did I lose my streak, even though I practiced every day or missed a day and had bought a Streak Freeze?

There are four common reasons for this:

  • The most common issue: You were using the app and it did not sync with the Duolingo servers after you completed one or more of your lessons. This is usually a result of an intermittent Internet connection.

  • Your Streak Freeze did not work as expected. For Streak Freezes, there is more information below in its own section. Generally, you can't rely on using the Streak Freeze on the day you purchase it. Also, you need to check regularly to make sure your freeze is still in place in the Lingot store. Sometimes it gets used unexpectedly (see the previous and last bullet points).

  • If you close your web browser or Duolingo tab before your lesson syncs with the server, it may not register your activity.

  • If you travel or use a device in a different time zone than you normally are in, it can confuse the Duolingo server and not register your XP on the correct day. Also be careful around daylight savings time changes. The Duolingo servers may be off by and hour compared with your timezone if your country or state doesn't follow the normal US change dates.

How do I make sure my Streak was already registered today?

  • On the app, it is not obvious that your streak has registered. Force close it and restart it to make sure your streak has continued. Lessons completed offline do not count towards your streak.

  • On the web site, refresh the page and make sure there is a checkmark next to your streak number on the top bar. The right column on your home page also shows if you have met today's goal and how many hours are left.

  • If you travel to a different time zone or use devices set in different time zones, make sure you have a streak freeze equipped in case it puts your streak outside what Duolingo thinks your streak's day span is.

About the SHoF

Who is included in each update? All qualified people who post in the SHoF Sign Ups thread will be added automatically to future updates. There is a separate update post each Sunday that includes the current awardees, statistics and changes in that week's SHoF. Check my activity stream or the SHoF Sign Ups thread to find it.

Why are people with a streak of 300 or more, but less than a year, included in the updates? The main reason is to give them extra motivation towards making the one year goal. This idea was carried over from the archived SHoF. Also, a streak of 300 is impressive in its own right!

Will I receive a notification when I am included? No, but the goal is to update the new SHoF every Sunday, before midnight US Pacific time. The update may occur any time on Sunday, which may be Monday in your local time zone, so probably best to check on Monday.

What if my streak ends before I am included in an update? You need to be included in at least one update in order to be included in the Alumni category. So make sure your streak continues through the next update after you post in the SHoF Sign Ups thread. That way you will be sure to be inducted as a member!

Why this FAQ?

What's this separate thread for? Its purpose is to answer common questions, and for comments about the SHoF, suggestions for improvement and bug reports.

Why not just have one thread? The old SHoF threads got very large and became hard to manage. Keeping the discussion separate helps with page loading time for those who only are interested in seeing the SHoF listing.

About the SHoF style and content

Note: Currently, avatars are not shown because they make the update too long for a Duolingo post. Why are the avatars and language graphics square when the Duolingo style is circular? The avatars are stored by Duolingo as square thumbnails. These are formatted at rendering time by Duolingo. Unfortunately, the formatting options with the Markdown that the forums support are quite limited and doesn't include the ability to make the avatars circular. I created the language graphics to match.

Where was the information retrieved to start this new version of the SHoF? The current list was started with the people who opted-in on the archived version of the SHoF from March 2015.

What happens if I signed up after that? Unfortunately, the records of people who signed up after that have been lost. Please sign up again using the SHoF Sign Ups thread to be reinstated.

I was on the list, but now I'm not. What happened? The most likely explanation is that you changed your Duolingo username and previously had signed up on the archived list. If that is the case, you will need to register in the SHoF Sign Ups thread and you will be included in the next update. If that doesn't fix it, please post below and I will look into it.

Award levels, leap years and flags

Why did you change the medal award levels? The streaks on Duolingo are longer than they were when the original SHoF started. With the new annual medals, those with long streaks have a new medal to look forward to at each anniversary. Each header in the SHoF explains its membership category requirement.

What happens on a leap year? For simplicity and fairness, each person's "leap year" is based on their individual streak starting date. So, each person's "leap day" occurs during their 4th year of streaking, not the conventional February 29 day. For fun, a special category Plátano was created for streak day 1460, one day shy of 4 years. The first award for that category is here.

Why are only level 25 language flags displayed and why are some people's missing? There are two main reasons: 1. There were too many graphics. 2. The data provided by Duolingo on levels is inaccurate for some people.


Who are the the people in the Alumni category and why are they listed when their streak is less than 300 days? The Alumni are people who achieved a medal in the current or archived SHoF, but whose streak ended at some point.

Why do the Alumni stats seem wrong? Alumni are listed by their current streak. The reason is that a lot of the data on when their streaks ended was lost when the previous SHoF thread got corrupted. I have provided streak data for new members of the Alumni and added the available data from the archived SHoF. If you have additional data, please post it below. The Alumni's streak end date and streak value are only accurate within a week because the SHoF is only updated on Sundays.

Streak Freezes

What is a streak freeze and why would I want it? A streak freeze preserves your streak for one day if you forget to visit Duolingo or just do not have time. You can buy it in the Lingot Shop for 10 lingots. Press the lingot icon on the top bar to go to the lingot shop.

What happens if I use my streak freeze? You will continue to appear in the SHoF. A downside to using the freeze is that your streak doesn't increase that day.

Can I use a streak freeze more than once? Can it be used on two or more consecutive days? Yes, you can, and it possibly can (read on!). You have to re-buy the streak freeze after you use it. It's best to do this the next day after you use it. Otherwise, if you miss another day, your streak will disappear. As a precaution, I recommend meeting your XP goal the day after using a streak freeze. I have read posts by people who have lost their streak when trying to use it on consecutive days. Since you'll need to be on the site to re-buy the streak freeze, it usually makes sense to meet your goal that day too. I highly recommend it.

Stats and other HoFs

Why am I tied with someone I was ahead/behind in the previous update? The streak values are retrieved when the update is done. So, if you haven't extended your streak and the other person has, or vice versa, that can affect the listing for that week. Another possible explanation is if one person used a streak freeze for one day or more.

Are there other Halls of Fame? Yes, though some are not currently being updated.

What's new?

  • Avatars!
  • List position is shown if you hover over a person's name (in my browser, it displays in the lower left corner). Ties are handled fairly.
  • New graphics and summary statistics.
  • The update process is automated.
  • Medals are now awarded for each year. There's a surprise waiting for the first person to get to the Platinum level!
I may manually test changes in this thread, so draft versions of (parts of) the SHoF may appear below, and the formatting in this post may be messed up periodically.


January 23, 2016

This discussion is locked.

[deactivated user]

    I'm not sure why this is being downvoted, I think an automated streak HoF would be great. Keep at it! My only suggestion is too see if you can ad some CSS to it, just to pretty it up a bit. other than that, two thumbs up!


    Thanks for the encouragement. I got 5 quick downvotes when I first posted it. I had included no explanation, just the title, which had "Please ignore" at the front and 3 entries: johnarnold, christi3 and me. I plan to change the language names to flag images and make other improvements to the script.


    Dear ClintTweed, thanks for your awesome job ! As long as you just add The names from The previous SHoF from jitengore's archived SHoF, your post will not be deleted. Then you must add only those who request to be added. It would be great to add some categories. Here is my suggestion : Sub 365 : link to junior SHoF. 365 Green Wood medal 400 Wooden medal 500 chocolate medal 600 Iron medal 730 bronze medal 900 silver medal 1100 gold medal 1500 platinum medal 2000 diamond medal 2556 nolife medal 3670 decade medal 5000 lifetime medal Plus the very important alumni category :) (those who lost their streak after passing The 365 milestone) You can start by adding me in the 400 category :p


    Thanks, Paul. I'll probably stick to 4 medals, like Jiten had, at least to start. But I'll make them on the annual events (Bronze = 1 year, Silver = 2 years, Gold = 3 years, Platinum = 4 years (to give the 3+ year folks something to aim for)). I can add more later.


    Don't forget the Alumni category, that's cool for those retired dudes =) And a link to the Junior SHoF for those that have not yet reached their first year of streak =) https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9978260


    Yes, Alumni, upcoming & JSHoF link will be added. Thanks. A lot of Alumni streak data has been lost so the list will only show each alumnus' current streak.


    Hello Again Clint, a thousand thanks for all the awesome job you've done to revive the SHOF, that's great. Sadly I have now switched from Bronze to alumni :-'/ But that's okay =) at least I was able to make it to the 400+ landmark ! That beaing said I'll bother you with a last suggestion : Do you think it could be possible, now that the SHOF is back into life to indicate the maximum streak reached when someone falls into the alumni category (that must be actually quite easy via a simple algorythm I suppose ?) In my case I still figure with "414" in the Bronze category, and next update will show barely "5". The algorythm could automatically maintain the latest highest score when he detects a negative evolution... Please Please Please =) =) =) (I'll reward you many lingots if you manage to add that feature :P)


    Sorry to hear that you lost your streak, Paul. Getting to 400 days is a great accomplishment!

    I will see what I can do about recording the streaks. Since I only record the streak data on Sundays, if it's automated, past streaks will only be in the range of 0-6 days of accuracy. Yours was recorded as 414 last update.


    Nice! How long did that take?


    Since I had to learn Python, or at least enough to get what I have so far, and figure out how to expand the JavaScript to get the info automatically, it took about one and a half days worth of work. The biggest challenge was the JS because the examples I found on the web didn't work properly when I started to loop through the list.

    If only learning Spanish was as easy!

    As far as running the script, it took about half an hour. I am running it in an Ubuntu VM on a 4 year old PC running Windows 7.


    What is the script for?


    The script generates all of the contents in the first post in the main SHoF thread, which I update on Sundays:



    I want to learn programming. I started learning JS and Pearl years ago but stopped. You inspire me to look at doing that again.


    While I find your post awesome, it could be that someone will delete this discussion. When Jitengore created the original HOF, he solely added those who made a post in his discussion showing their agreement that their names will be on the list. To keep your discussion up to date, you normally must ask everybody whether he's OK or not with seeing his/her name here. As I said in my first sentence, I appreciate your effort, but I also wanted to give you a heads-up that the discussion could be deleted.


    Thanks for your post. I asked Jiten what he thought about this post on his activity feed. I think that anyone who signed up for the original SHoF would be interested in being on the new list. I don't see anything in the Guidelines ( https://www.duolingo.com/guidelines ) that would prevent anyone from mentioning anyone in a discussion post. I would, of course, respect a person's wish to not be included on the list.


    Nice work, Clint. Very cool idea with the images too, it's nice to scroll down the list and recognize a few folks immediately by their virtual faces.

    It looks like some of the level data is wrong for those of us that have attempted the same course from 2 different base languages (it's picking up my Portuguese level from English (1) rather than from Spanish (19), for instance). Not a huge deal, but I thought I'd make you aware of the issue, in case you hadn't noticed it.


    Thanks for the heads up, Wade. I will look into it. A brief check shows level 19 for Portuguese on your home page, which is where I'm getting the info from in the script. I also noticed it doesn't show my own level for the reverse tree (Sp -> En). That data is not shown on my home page.

    Another new feature is that it shows your position on the list if you hover over your name (also with someone else's). In my browser, it's shown in the lower left of the page when you hover. I used the HTML internal page marker syntax which doesn't affect the link when you click on it.

    Edit: I just checked with my script again and it shows level 19 for you now. I think it depends on your currently selected source language. Does that make sense?


    Edit: I just checked with my script again and it shows level 19 for you now. I think it depends on your currently selected source language. Does that make sense?

    Courses from different base languages are handled as completely different sets of courses on the back end, if I'm remembering correctly. So yeah, that would explain why the script is only picking up courses from the currently active base language. (It's not picking up my "English from Spanish" course either, as we'd expect.)

    The actual coding is a little over my head, but I do believe that it's possible to retrieve the levels from every course, including those from different base languages. You might want to check out some of the userscripts here that relate to course switching to get some insight into how it's done. I know that DuoTweak has a "course switcher" component that gets data from every course, but the code appears to have been "minified", making it pretty tough to decipher.

    Another new feature is that it shows your position on the list if you hover over your name (also with someone else's). In my browser, it's shown in the lower left of the page when you hover. I used the HTML internal page marker syntax which doesn't affect the link when you click on it.

    I didn't notice that, cool stuff! I'll surely be obsessively checking my rank every update now, thanks for that :P


    I will look into the language levels but it's not a high priority item. The primary purpose is to show the streaks :)

    With the old list, I would periodically calculate my position. That was a bit of drudgery. Now, it's automatic.


    It's way easier to loose places thant to earn one place (someone needs to "kill" his current streak for that !!)


    Yep, especially so with the folks ahead of me on the list. My best hope for a higher rank is for someone ahead of me to die off, which admittedly makes the event a bit of a mixed bag, emotion-wise. :) It's not totally impossible to move up without something so drastic though, some folks make fairly frequent use of the freeze, which loses them a day relative to rest of us. So I just need johnarnold to miss every other day for the next 2 years and I'll pass him. :)


    Oh yeah, that's true ! And I'm one oh them ^^ I use the freeze to survive, but a little bit too often, so I could be loosing places this way =)


    Amazing job with the HoF! I can obviously see that you put in a lot of time and effort. I love the creative ideas that you have implemented/planning to implement. :)


    Thanks! It was fun to learn a bit of Python and figure out how to extract the data from the JavaScript.

    Sorry that the Alumni streak data is mostly gone.

    Now get your streak going again :)


    I'd love to learn Python, computer programming is so fascinating. (It's like music, in a way, a language, but different) If only I could get off my butt and go learn JavaScript first. :P

    Sorry that the Alumni streak data is mostly gone.

    It's okay, I wasn't going to go anywhere with that streak anyway. I'm not even sure if I deserve to be in the HOF anymore. :/ Sorry, I sound like a pessimist.


    Of course you belong... that's why Jiten created the Alumni category: To recognize those who made it.

    Python is fun, but my code is a bit of a mess at this point because I'm just learning it as I go along.


    I think I still have some work to do on the website, doing the reverse courses, regoldening etc. Perhaps I could probably get back to learning on Duolingo. The main problem is that I don't want to learn languages every single day. Timed practice is a wonderful way to quickly review and earn XP. But later on in the lessons I don't feel that it's the best option as there is no effective way to see what you got wrong/view the discussions and the sentences tend to be longer/complicated.

    Also thanks for reminding my about watching videos/movies in Spanish. I keep forgetting that you have to use resources outside of Duolingo to actually learn a language. xD

    For programming, I haven't done much and I basically forgot everything I've learned so I want to start from the beginning all over again. As for goals, perhaps leaning a bit of JavaScript so I have a vague idea of it. It seems like a lot of fun and I have no idea why I stopped learning it.


    Yes, you definitely need to find resources outside of this site. The best is finding someone to practice with, preferably in person.

    I'd recommend you try one of the MOOCs on edX or Coursera. They have offerings for JavaScript and other web technologies. I've done several computer courses online, even one taught in Spanish. Lots of fun and another community to participate in. ¡Buena suerte y ánimo!


    I guess I do, but I just feel really bad not making an effort earning a new streak. Sometimes I feel that I should restart it, but when I do, it feels like a chore and is useless. Most of the time I just earn 1 XP to keep it going and it isn't exactly serving its actual purpose. Even though I made it once, continuing to celebrate it with me being in the HoF doesn't exactly make me feel accomplished. :(

    Do you happen to have any advice about computer programming in general?


    There's no need to feel obligated to continue your streak. There was a period where I was only getting a few XP per day. Now, I'm aiming for about 40. I mostly use timed practice on the web site. I rarely use the mobile app. I still find Duolingo useful even though I made both the En - Sp and Sp - En trees golden a long time ago. I also read Spanish books on my Kindle and watch Netflix/Amazon videos in Spanish or with Spanish subtitles. I've taken a bunch of MOOCs in native Spanish on https://miriadax.net. I don't get enough conversation practice though, so that's my Achilles' heel.

    As far as programming, what are your goals and what have you learned so far? Does it seem fun to you?


    In my opinion, finding someone to practice with is one of the best ways to learn a language, since your native language was most likely learned that way (being spoken to as a baby). I don't exactly have access to anyone who speaks the language, so I think I should just stick to learning the vocabulary and work on my listening skills for now.

    Thanks for the recommendations. Learning JavaScript using Spanish sounds like a good idea. It's a win/win situation. :) ¡Gracias!


    I agree :)

    If you're going to take courses in Spanish, I recommend looking at the MOOC site https://miriadax.net. Most of the courses there are in Spanish. They have some on computer programming. I've taken a wide range there including Mexican Cooking, Internet Community Manager, Leadership in Times of Change, Programming R and Big Data.


    Looks great! Love the use of the avatars!


    Glad you like it :) And thanks for posting in the discussion thread! I just added the flags to the main thread. I'm going to work on some formatting tomorrow or over the weekend. Markdown isn't very flexible :(


    I just sent you my request to be added. I had been added a few months ago, and after I saw my name on the list I went back and deleted my request post, thinking it would be helpful since it's such a long thread. Would this have caused my name to be eliminated from the SHoF?


    Yes, the SHoF is generated from the qualified posts in the sign up thread. I do keep an offline list stored but it isn't used by the SHoF update script.

    An advantage to the current system is it gives people a way to opt out automatically. A downside is the sign up thread is long, as you noted.


    Thanks, it's wonderful that you maintain this. I appreciate you adding me again.

    • 873

    My "Junior streak hall of fame" now includes people over the junior level! This includes you, ClintTweed! Clicky-click on my link to sign up!


    Won't that cause confusion?

    • 873

    I renamed it the (Formerly) Junior Streak Hall of Fame!


    What I mean is that people will be confused if there are two halls of fame covering those who have streaks over a year. Why don't you concentrate on the JSHoF? That is a need that was being neglected. By doing so, you will provide a useful service to the Duolingo community.


    Great, thanks for your understanding, Will. You are very mature for 11!

    • 873

    @ClintTweed Thanks!


    Yay...thanks so much for getting this up and running again. I have really missed seeing old names and how they are doing! A lot of hard work on your part, but well worth it. Very much appreciated. Thanks very much.


    De nada. Gracias por comentar en el hilo correcto :) ¡Sigue recto!


    Today I completed my first year in Duolingo. I'm very excited.


    ¡Enhorabuena, Sra. Theroux! Para ser incluido en la Sala de la Fama, debe comentar no en esto hilo de FAQ, sino en este:


    Gracias :)


    I reached 910 day-streak. Please add me too. Thank you.


    Thank you for your comment. Please see the third entry in the FAQ above for the correct place to post in order to be included (it's not in this thread).


    There seems to be something weird with my profile, maybe? A couple of weeks I noticed that I had only 5, instead of 8 level 25 listed. In the meantime, I have completed one more, but for 2 weeks in a row now, there is none(?) behind my entry. It shows up correctly in discussions, apparently. Puzzling, isn't it?


    Yes, it's weird, but not particular to your profile. My guess is that different servers on Duolingo return different results.

    For example, when I first looked at your response, I got this with no levels, which is what the update of the SHoF today got as well:

    Then, by simply refreshing the page, I got this:

    Unfortunately, it seems to be random. My hope is that Duolingo is testing on some servers and will push the fixed levels code to all servers soon.


    Interesting :) Let's see what happens next week. Thanks for looking into it!


    It's correct this week :) Let's see if it continues!


    Great. Thanks for following up :)


    Cleeent, you have my utmost admiration and appreciation for your wonderful service in maintaining the Streak Hall of Fame week after week after week! You deserve to be in a Hall of Fame for Hall-of-Fame-Keepers!

    It seems 2 weeks ago you hit some glitch in Duolingo, and since then you have added a yellow note saying the Streak Hall of Fame is no longer being updated.

    So this post is to thank you for everything, and I hope you are well and thriving, and if there was a way I could send this note to you directly or on a (nonexistent) activity stream, that's what I would do. But I hope you see this post anyway!!.


    I'd like to second this! Thanks for everything you've done.


    So I have a question: I just noticed that courses that have only a Level 15 or above are displayed. I have a Level 14, which is fairly close to a level 15 (within about 1,000 points). When I get to Level 15, will that course be added next to my name?


    Yes, it will (at the next SHoF update after you reach level 15). I put two reasons for the change in this weeks update. It should help with page loading time too.

    Gracias por preguntar en el hilo correcto :)


    Couldn't find the post for this week's update. Now it only shows my Esperanto level 10 due to the icons bug, no level 25 French and English level 15, so there's still no way to handle the language icon bug, right?


    I just added an entry to the FAQ above :) Still no fast, easy way to get accurate data, sorry :/

    This week's thread is here, which mentions the change:



    So, in your most recent update, you said that only languages with level 15 or higher will be shown, but what if someone doesn't have any languages that high yet?


    Good question. Answered in the FAQ above:

    Why are only level 15 and higher language levels displayed? There are three reasons. 1: There were too many graphics. 2. The data provided by Duolingo on levels is inaccurate for some people. 3. The main purpose of the SHoF is to highlight streaks. As an exception, everyone will have at least one language displayed, even if their highest level is lower than 15.

    EDIT: Because the length of the SHoF post went over Duolingo's maximum limit, I updated it to only show flags from level 25 :/



    Oh, didn't see that!

    Ok, good!


    I think this is a great addition. I know I sometimes play around with languages that I'm not actually committed too, and it does seem like a waste to include those in my streak "credit".


    Thanks for the feedback, wazzie. I agree. It's less cluttered. I may adjust it to an even higher cutoff, especially if Duolingo fixes the levels display for everyone (check MultiLinguAlex's comments above for more info about that problem).


    The SHoF doesn't show my language flags, it just shows English from Arabic; though I have 17 more languages.


    This is taken directly from the post.

    Why are only level 15 and higher language levels displayed? There are three reasons. 1: There were too many graphics. 2. The data provided by Duolingo on levels is inaccurate for some people. 3. The main purpose of the SHoF is to highlight streaks. As an exception, everyone will have at least one language displayed, even if their highest level is lower than 15.


    I was told to post here from the main thread. So my question is, do you have to have a completed tree to be able to have additional languages shown on the Hall of Fame main thread? I went through the entire FAQ, but did not see where it's explained other than "15 is the minimum number.." Which would interfere with the fact I've seen 10s-14s listed.


    Thanks for moving your question to the proper location.

    No, you don't need to complete the tree. The reason you see some people listed with lower than 15 is at the end of that answer above:

    As an exception, everyone will have at least one language displayed, even if their highest level is lower than 15.

    Also, the levels in the SHoF are incorrect for some people, as noted in that answer, due to the way Duolingo displays them inaccurately in the forums.


    Sorry if I caused any problems on the other thread. :|


    Not a serious issue. The problem, as I put in a separate section above in the FAQ, is that the thread gets overburdened so it's better to have discussions here. Thanks for your understanding.


    Okay thanks. I didn't actually move my question. I just couldn't find it even with the help of ctrl F. Though I did get hit with some kind of posting delay of 6 hours on the forums.. I guess that's the penalty by default. Oh well. But thanks though.


    Hello, I don't know how does it count but last time I did duolingo was on 10th of July and that day I achieved 663 day streak… On 11th of July I didn't do duolingo but neither lost my streak (I had a streak freeze) but well, the end of my streak has to be on July 11th or maybe 12th… Personally I think that I ended on 11th of July with a 663-day streak. Could you correct it, please?


    Thanks for your question. As noted in the FAQ above: "The Alumni's streak end date and streak value are only accurate within a week because the SHoF is only updated on Sundays." This is more accurate than the old SHoF which was sometimes not updated for over a month. The update process is now automated. I don't edit the entries manually.


    Hi! I hit 800 days on Friday, 802 now.


    Great! You need to sign up in the main SHoF thread: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13152151 as it says at the top of the FAQ in order to be included in next Sunday's update:

    After you have reached a streak of 300 days or more, please post on the actual SHoF thread to request your name be included. Posting on this FAQ thread, on my Activity stream or any other place will not get you added. The update script which generates the next SHoF adds new, qualified people from the posts on the actual SHoF thread, nowhere else.


    mi racha es de 574... estebitanmagic


    Enhorabuena. Para ser incluido debes comentar en el hilo actual del SHoF. Después de hacerlo aparecerás en la próxima actualización en domingo.


    Más información en ingles:

    After you have reached a streak of 300 days or more, please post on the actual SHoF thread to request your name be included. Posting on this FAQ thread, on my Activity stream or any other place will not get you added. The update script which generates the next SHoF adds new, qualified people from the posts on the actual SHoF thread, nowhere else.


    First off, thank you so much for the SHoF. Second, I was wondering if at some point it would make sense to break it up into different discussions if you continue to have problems with going over the allotted space per discussion.


    Thanks for your feedback. I don't plan to split the actual SHoF into separate posts. I am going to experiment with putting the full SHoF in the Sunday update this coming week to see if the comments in the main SHoF are having a significant impact on the page loading time.

    • 873

    Hello! First, great that you're back Cleeent! Finally people have a place to go for streaks again. But you aren't the only one who's back! Here I have the JSHoF 2.51! (The title says 2.5 but all I really did to set 2.51 apart was bring back the 10-49 day section) Would you please update the FAQ accordingly? Thank you!


    Welcome back, Will. I updated the link.


    Hi, although I'm glad to be part of it, I'm not exactly sure why I don't get my Italian flag on it. I finished that tree... Unless it's suppose to mean only those who reach level 25?


    Yes, only level 25 flags. See "Why are only level 25 language flags displayed and why are some people's missing?" in the FAQ above for why.


    What do the owls mean?


    When you finish all the lessons (units) in a language, you are awarded a golden owl for that language.

    See the link in the FAQ above for the inactive Golden Owl Hall of Fame.


    Of course getting long streaks only works if you never go to vacation in a place without internet access....


    Quite right. And taking a break (or vacation) never really hurts learning. It even helps, done at the right times, and after intense or prolonged effort. A pair of much better measures is given by a percentage of days of activity, plus an overall time span.

    • 1246

    May 28, 2017

    What about users who have shadowbanned? Are they SOL?

    "Can I get another Duolingo user added? Only by getting that person to sign up on the thread linked to above. The SHoF is generated from the qualified people who post there. Post content is not scanned."


    If they can convince Duolingo to lift their shadowbans, they'll be able to participate in the SHoF. Otherwise, their rights to participate in the forums are revoked and, as a result, can't be included in the SHoF.


    What if a user reaches 5 years? The top person is a little under 200 days away.


    Buena pregunta. Incluí las medallas para cuatro y cinco años de racha desde el principio.

    Good question. I included the medals for 4 and 5 year streaks from the beginning.


    What level would 5 years be? Or do you want it to be a surprise?


    It'll be a surprise like the 4 year one, but there's no leap year Easter egg.


    I lost my 593 day streak 2 days ago. I guess I’ll never make it to this list. Will I? :( Can you put me in former medalists?:( 2017,11,11


    No, not unless you get a new qualifying streak. This is explained in the FAQ above.


    Why did you stop updating it?


    I never knew this existed! Where do I rank?


    I'd like to be added


    See the instructions in the section GETTING INCLUDED above, if you want to be included.

    • 2087

    Hello Cleeent, I noticed you have been answering questions recently on this FAQ blog, but the HOF has not been updated in some 200+ days. Any foreseeable updates on the horizon? ....Thx !


    https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23241778 was posted just four days ago.

    And other updates have been posted pretty regularly in the past as well.

    For example, in the sidebar with related posts, I see links to the 2017-06-11 edition, 2017-06-18, 2017-06-04, 2017-04-06, etc.


    I have updated the SHoF every Sunday since I revived it in January 2016.

    The updates harder to find since they took our activity streams away, but the sign up thread is the first Google result for streak hall of fame and it always has a link to the latest SHoF post.


    There's also a link to the sign up thread in my profile.


    How long does it take you to update every sunday? How do you do it? Do you manually have to go through every single person to see how many more days they completed (if streak freeze was used) or failed?


    As it says in the FAQ above, the process is automated. It takes about five minutes, much of which is spent waiting for the script to run and subsequent posts and updates to appear on the Duo servers.



    Great Job though.


    Otherwise, awesome job! I would never be able to maintain this myself. I already have a slightly tough time maintaining my 'professional' Monthly XP contests. Awesome Job!


    How did the old SHoF get corrupted, or do I not want to know?


    I don't know if Jiten accidentally pressed the Delete button instead of Edit and confirmed it, or if something happened with the Duolingo servers.

    An advantage to my approach is I have a back up of all the people in the SHoF on my local system.


    It would be great if you add positions (number) and the country of the participants. Don't you think a good idea?


    Thanks for the suggestions.

    From the FAQ: List position is shown if you hover over a person's name (in my browser, it displays in the lower left corner). Ties are handled fairly.

    The SHoF has gone over the limit of a forum post of ~64k characters several times. I've optimized and taken away some features to make it fit. Adding medalists' countries wouldn't work because of the limit.


    I signed up one week ago with 359 days at that time. Today I am at 368, but can not find my name in the Streak Hall of Fame, 2017-09-24 edition. Why not?


    You may be looking at the wrong list. The SHoF is posted in a new thread every Sunday. For example, you are in the current one that was posted a few hours before I wrote this response:


    As it says in the first section of the FAQ above, there is a link to the most recent edition of the SHoF in the signs up thread.


    Perdón Cleeent pero no puedo abrir the main SHoF thread para hacer la solicitud, hay algún problema?


    Hello I Have more than 700 days

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