HELP - Possessives

Hi, could someone help me with possessives? When do i use SIN, SI, SITT & SINE or HANS & HENNES? I didn't quite get that.

Another question: Can I recognise the gender of a noun or do I have to just memorise it?

2 years ago


If I say 'Steve finds his key', it can mean that Steve finds his own key, or Steve finds his friend's key. Norwegian has a distinction between those two meanings. You use hans/hennes when the object belongs to someone other than the subject. If the subject owns the item, you would use sin/si/sitt/sine.

Steve finner nøkkelen hans. Mark's key // the key is owned by someone else

Steve finner nøkkelen sin. Steve's key // Steve finds his own key

I'm assuming you know when to use the correct form of sin, but just in case...the form must agree in gender and quantity of the owned noun:

Sin - Masculine, singular

Si - Feminine, singular

Sitt - Neuter, singular

Sine - Plural

As for the gender of the noun, you can really only study them to know. When you study nouns, always study with the article included!

2 years ago

Thanks a lot, that really helped! :)

2 years ago

Glad to help :)

2 years ago
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