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  5. "He sees us."

"He sees us."

Translation:On nas widzi.

January 23, 2016

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"On nas widzi" and "on widzi nas" is both correct? Is there any difference in meaning when changing the word order here? What is preferred?


Maybe it's a bit oversimplifying, but the new important information is usually at the end of the sentence, so "On nas widzi" focuses on SEES, and "On widzi nas" focuses on US.

I myself would use "On nas widzi" as the most natural word order, at least without a context.


Why is "widzi nas" incorrect here? Can "on" not be implied in "widzi nas"?


Well, duolingo is inconsistent with accepting or not omitting on/ona/ono.

In Polish language it can be omitted and the sentence is correct.

Widzi nas. is a correct sentence

But you cannot tell if it is he ,she or it, you need context. It is implied that someone/something sees you, but not gender ( social or grammatical) of that someone / something.


I have a doubt on the placing of these pronouns: why an when are them placed before or after the noun?


I think a more neutral sentence would be "On nas widzi", it would just state a simple fact.

Putting 'nas' at the end gives additional emphasis on US.


I have over 40k xp in this course and i still don't get this. And i'm pretty sure i never will. It's just a guessing game at this point. I see lots of people talking about where the emphasis is, fine, but there's no way to know where it is by reading a sentence with no context. Either one can be correct and on widzi nas is marked incorrect.


I wrote On widzi was and it was accepted with a typo?


Well, that's bad, because while there's only one letter of difference, you in fact wrote "He sees you" :/


I had the same thing. I don't understand why it wasn't accepted

  1. Your comment isn't a reply to any comment, so technically we don't know what we're talking about.

  2. Guessing that you mean "On widzi nas", other comments already say that it's like writing "He sees US" in English.


"On widzi nas" czy "on nas widzi" obie formy są poprawne.


"On widzi nas" lub "On nas widzi" T


"Nas widzi" is not accepted. Why we need"on"?


It's very rare for a pronoun other than the subject pronoun to start a sentence. "Nas widzi" would need a very specific context to be correct, it gives a strong emphasis on "us". It's like "Us he sees". I can only imagine something like this: you have two teams, and someone from the Red Team says "It seems that the referee does not see us" and someone from the Blue team says "Dziwne, nas widzi" (Weird, he sees us).


This is not going to end well.


This is totally wrecking my head. On multiple occasions i have been told that the pronoun goes at the end if the clause orcsentence is 3 words or less. Now on widzi nas is incorrect.


Putting 'nas' at the end gives additional emphasis on US.


On widzi nas także.

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