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  5. "He sees us."

"He sees us."

Translation:On nas widzi.

January 23, 2016



Why is "widzi nas" incorrect here? Can "on" not be implied in "widzi nas"?


Well, duolingo is inconsistent with accepting or not omitting on/ona/ono.

In Polish language it can be omitted and the sentence is correct.

Widzi nas. is a correct sentence

But you cannot tell if it is he ,she or it, you need context. It is implied that someone/something sees you, but not gender ( social or grammatical) of that someone / something.


"On nas widzi" and "on widzi nas" is both correct? Is there any difference in meaning when changing the word order here? What is preferred?


Maybe it's a bit oversimplifying, but the new important information is usually at the end of the sentence, so "On nas widzi" focuses on SEES, and "On widzi nas" focuses on US.

I myself would use "On nas widzi" as the most natural word order, at least without a context.


I have a doubt on the placing of these pronouns: why an when are them placed before or after the noun?


I think a more neutral sentence would be "On nas widzi", it would just state a simple fact.

Putting 'nas' at the end gives additional emphasis on US.


I wrote On widzi was and it was accepted with a typo?


Well, that's bad, because while there's only one letter of difference, you in fact wrote "He sees you" :/

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