"W kwietniu jem mięso."

Translation:I eat meat in April.

January 23, 2016

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    Try to eat meat in April in Poland and you will have a bad time!


    I think Roman Catholics abstain from meat only on Ash Wednesday and every Friday of Lent, so I would assume they could eat meat the other days of April...


    In Ireland Roman Catholics only abstain from meat on Good Friday, no other days so far as I've ever seen


    It used to be every friday AND the whole of Lent, but I believe few still follow that anymore...


    Why does "kwiecień" change to "kwietniu" here? Does using the "w" before it require a case change?


    Yes, "w" meaning "in, inside" takes Locative. There are also situations when "w" takes Accusative.

    Compare: "mam złamaną kość w nodze" (I have a broken bone in my leg, Locative), and "uderzyłem się w nogę" (I hit myself in the leg, Accusative. not even sure if "in" is the right preposition here).

    Oh, btw: in April, in October etc. take Locative, but days of the week and the word "weekend" are exceptions and take Accusative despite using "w".


    That makes sense, thanks very much!


    do they not capitalize the months


    Why is 'In April I'm eating meat' accepted as correct?


    Because jeść in Polish is like many other verbs, that can mean both "I eat" and "I am eating".


    Strange, It wasn't accepted for me


    I didn't put an apostrophe in 'I'm' though, so maybe it was that.


    We like sentences that are a bit strange semantically (especially using animals as the subject of the sentence), but well, there's also grammar :) And I was told by a native, that using Present Continuous makes very little sense here.

    Quote 1: "It's weird... It's like I've known you as a vegetarian for a long time and you're telling me that you're going to start eating meat in April."

    Quote 2: "The other possibility I can think of is that you're going to eat nothing but meat in April, which is also very unlikely and very weird, besides being unhealthy. :)"

    And if I really meant one of those, I'd phrase it differently in Polish ;)


    As far as I know, that would be a very strange sentence in English, so we do not accept it here.


    I've encountered sentences like "my dog has a hat" before, so I thought strange sentences were the norm on here ;) immery seems to think its grammatically correct, thats why I'm confused.


    From kwiecień becomes kwietniu? Well I need to be more focused on remembering polish vocabularies


    If I were to say "Jem mięso w kwietniu" would this also be correct, but rather stressing the month rather than the action?


    Yes, exactly.


    "I am eating meat in April". was not accepted, and I read your explanation for why you think using continuous would be unusual. But If one was previously not eating , and then was to begin, would it not be possible to use continuous? And after mentioning it to a friend, and the friend answered "in May?", and the speaker corrected, saying, "I'm eating meat in April." I don't find that an awkward sentence to be using continuous.


    OK, let's accept it. Added.


    Otherwise, I'm a full time vegetarian!

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