"Szanujemy waszą rodzinę."

Translation:We respect your family.

January 23, 2016

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Why is "we are respecting" not acceptable – I thought the Polish present can be translated both ways


It usually can, but there are exceptions. But what does "be respecting" mean in English? I cannot think of "szanować" in continuous situation. Like can you respect someone right now, but not in longer period of time?


Good question. In English, I can say:

1) "I am respecting you by not yelling", or 2) "I respect you by not yelling"

with subtly different meanings. What's interesting to me is that #1 is continuous in form but instantaneous in meaning, while #2 is instantaneous in form but implies a continuous behavior.

How would this work in Polish?


I've been thinking about it for a while and I am not sure if I understand you, but I think "show respect" - okazywać szacunek is used to show the "now" part.

Also I was reminded that in both Polish and English we can respect privacy/wishes - then it can be "right nw, in this moment I am respecting your wish to do sth"


The closest I can come up with is "to show respect" or "to pay respect."


That was clearly a typo!


None of us can see what you wrote, you have to tell us.


Out of interest what is 'to disrespect"? Would you just use the negative? Although I feel you would not portray someone disrespecting you in that instance. Would you use a preposition in front?


No, that would be a totally different verb. I guess "obrazić" (to offend) would be good.

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Don't you think "appreciate" would be fitting just as much?


Appreciate is almost certainly never used with people. Something like "We appreciate your family's hospitality" would be fine.


Why "waszą"? Why not "wasze"? I don't get it..


"wasze" is wrong gender, it would be either neuter singular or 'not masculine-personal plural'.

"waszą" is feminine, just like 'rodzina' is feminine.

Your nick makes it look like you may know Russian - it's "Уважаем вашу семью", not "ваше семью".

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