"We like children."

Translation:Lubimy dzieci.

January 24, 2016

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Well thats disturbing


This sentence is rather disturbing...especially in english


Does "lubimy dzieci" work as well?


Yes, of course.


Can someone please clarify the difference between "lubimy dzieci" and "podoba nam sie dzieci"?


Yes, the second one is grammatically wrong, because in that construction, "dzieci" are actually the subject of the sentence, so the verb "podobać się" must take plural: "Podobają nam się dzieci".

And now... many people here comment that this sentence is disturbing, although come on, lots of people, completely innocently, like children. But I'm afraid that "Podobają nam się dzieci" is genuinely disturbing because that implies that we find children attractive... "podobać się" is usually used for first impressions and about aesthetics. Compare two variants for "I like this shirt": "Lubię tę koszulę" implies that it's a shirt that you have owned for some time already and you like wearing it, "Podoba mi się ta koszula" is better for when you see a shirt in the store and you 'like it', you'd consider buying it.


Is there a huge difference between "my lubi" and "lubimy". I understand the suffix part, but it's the first version completely incorrect?


Lubimy does not contain a detachable suffix.
My is the first person plural pronoun meaning 'we', whereas lubi is a third person singular verb. By combining those two you are basically saying "we likes".


I'm finding it difficult to remember the correct word to use.. its all tge different ways to say "like" in the right sentence structure. I keep typing lubię or lubią.. I never even considered lubimy. Is there an easy way to remember which goes with what?


You'll soon start seeing the patterns. There isn't just one pattern to remember, but for most verbs it will be similar. "lubię" means "I like", "lubią" means "they like". You can see the whole conjugation here: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/lubi%C4%87#Conjugation

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