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З'їсти or їсти?

I've seen these two before, and they both seem to mean "to eat". I'm sure about їсти, but what about the other one? Is it a synonym?

January 24, 2016



These may roughly be translated as:

Я їв яблуко = I was eating an apple

Я з'їв яблуко = I have eaten an apple

Я їстиму яблуко = I will be eating an apple

Я з'їм яблуко = I will eat an apple

There are lots of pairs of verbs in Ukrainian language like this. нести - принести, казати - сказати, робити - зробити. These are called imperfective and perfective verbs.


З'їсти means to having eaten some food without leaving anything. (See also some examples http://sum.in.ua/s/z.jidaty)

Їсти describes general process of consuming/eating food ( http://sum.in.ua/s/jisty )


"Їсти" is a process. "З'їсти" is a result.


Ehm, not exactly a result, but more a finished process.


Of course, not exactly. :)

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