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  5. "длинный нос"

"длинный нос"

Translation:long nose

January 24, 2016



does this mean "liar" in russian as well? in english, because of the story "pinnochio," someone with a 'long nose' is someone who lies a lot.


No, it doesn't. "Pinnochio" is relatively known in Russia but it's not very popular. It's well overshadowed by an adaptation named "Buratino". However, aside from the general premise of having a wooden boy with a long nose as the hero it's a completely different story. For one, his nose didn't grow when he was lying. It was simply long from the beginning and he was fine with that. So there's no connection between long noses and lying in the culture.


The nose knows!


Thought the same!


My nickname during childhood


Is there another word for "нос"? Like in the relationship between "врач" and "доктор", and "ученик" and "студент". What I mean is, is "нос" simply a loan word?


"Нос" is not a loan word. It shares distant roots with English "nose" and so do the words for nose in many other languages. It's not originated from English, though.

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