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"Dziennikarz napisał o tym artykuł."

Translation:The journalist wrote an article about it.

January 24, 2016



Hello. I rendered this as: " The journalist wrote about this article." --- which a journalist could write about an article he/ she had read. (Also, when I received the rejection of my translation - one of the " correct" answers given for this sentence may be improper English. It said " The journalist wrote an storey about it." I believe that it should be: " The journalist wrote a story about it. " ) Thanks.


Yeah, of course it should be... fixed, thank you :)

As 'about' is concerned: well, cases come into the picture as well. If it was "about this article", then the whole noun phrase "this article" (ten artykuł) would use Locative. As you know, 'o' = 'about' (on the topic of) takes Locative. But here, only the 'tym' part (the dummy pronoun) is in Locative, and "artykuł" is in Accusative. "pisać" (to write) takes Accusative, so we can see that 'napisał artykuł' is one part and 'o tym' is another part.


Jellei: oh........ok. Thank you for your patient teaching style. Breaking the sentence down and all. I really appreciate your replies to everyone. ( Of course all of the Polish Mod.'s are very polite and helpful- so no complaints.)


So, "The journalist wrote about this article" would be rendered as "Dziennikarz napisał o tym artykule"?


Yes, exactly.

Although it would be better to mention 'what' he wrote, e.g. "Dziennikarz napisał artykuł/felieton/tekst o tym artykule".

"artykuł" and "tekst" are rather clear (article / text), "felieton" seems to translate into "opinion piece".


Thanks for the extra information, Jellei. You have been most helpful, as usual. Cheers!

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