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  5. "De vrouw drinkt de thee."

"De vrouw drinkt de thee."

Translation:The woman drinks the tea.

January 24, 2016



shouldn't "The woman drinks tea" be also accepted? As far as I know, tea doesn't need the article in English


Hi. When going from Dutch to English, I am altimes a bit confused about the tenses. (none of those languages is my motherlanguage). Sometimes, a Dutch verb is translated by its present simple equivalence in english, sometimes, by the present continuous. I thought that we had to use the continuous tense with the verb "to drink", as it take some time to drink a tea (especially if it is still hot) Could someone explain me why I shoud use the present simple in this case?


It really doesn't matter which one you use when you translate without context. In Dutch, they are both the same. In English, you would use "is drinking" if you are talking about her drinking currently and "drinks" if you mean in general. Both are usually accepted by Duolingo. If one is not, you should report it by clicking the flag icon after checking the answer.


This fast Dutch pronunciation sounds exactly like English. Even with the 's' at the end of the verb.


Really? I didn't know we had a word in English that sounds like "vrouw"!


yay, true story, I am mixing it up with my poor knowledge of German from my childhood


Did you mean to say that it sounds like "Frau"?


I wrote it the exact same way as the answer said an it still ssid i got it wrong


Got it word for word and have been marked wrong.?


'Drinkt' sounds to me like 'Drinks' in this exercise. Is this how it is pronounced, or am I hearing it incorrectly? I only knew the correct answer from getting it incorrect earlier.


You could have known that the verb for third person singular ends on -t. The audio is not that good for this sentence.


Noo lambulis thier just tricking you


"The woman drinks the tea" wasn't accepted cause the was no dot in the end of the sentence. Imho it's not ok. The dot is just a dot. It's not about the language


I have been doing really good in this course bc I speak afrikaans


Scrub the/my last post...put women instead of woman.


The article “the” is not necesssary

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