January 24, 2016



Is this pronounced the same as kobieta?


No, the last sound is totally different. The problem is that English doesn't have such sound. You just probably have to listen more carefully, it's not that easy to recognize sounds that are new to your ear.


I've noticed one of the vowel sounds is more nasal and sounds right in the middle between English short "i" sound and short "e." Thanks for the comment. I have a friend who is Polish. I could ask about it.


It's more like 'aw' in English, rather than "ah," along with the nasal part, right? There's kind of a short "o" in there too...


I'd put 'aw' to the letter 'ą'.

As for "y", I really don't know what to compare it to, but I wouldn't search for any 'o' in there.


Hello, here is a link that can help. There is a link with short audio. https://pl.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plik:Polish_letter_Y.ogg Regards


I never thought I make this particular complaint, but I almost feel like the Polish section is too forgiving on spelling. I had no idea what the plural of woman was, so I took a wild guess and tacked an "i" on the end. Kobieti. Duolingo marked me correct with spelling mistakes. It's not the first time, either. In a language with such complicated spelling, I feel like these early lessons could stand to be a bit more strict, actually. I mean my answer was definitely wrong.


I agree, but we don't have power over it. Every answer that is accepted by us, is simply correct. We don't put answers with typos that we find acceptable on the list. So it's the algorithm's doing. It's the grading algorithm that decides what typo is acceptable, and what is not.


I see what you're saying. Oh well. Perhaps the algorithm will be improved over time. In the meantime... well, at least I'm still learning.


why isn't it kobiete?

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Here you have the declension of "kobieta": http://sgjp.pl/leksemy/#8306

We can assume that the English word is in Nominative case - in Polish, Nominative singular is "kobieta", Nominative plural is "kobiety". The form "kobietę" is Accusative singular.

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