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  5. "Gdzie jest mój chłopak?"

"Gdzie jest mój chłopak?"

Translation:Where is my boyfriend?

January 24, 2016



is the word guy possible here?


Not quite.

Polish chłopak can mean either:

– a boy (also used colloquially among adult men, as is "Hey, boys!")

– a boyfriend

"Guy" can be translated as:


gość, gościu



depending mostly on colloquiality and politeness levels.

While you can refer to your boyfriend as "my guy", this expression can mean different kind of relationships, not only romantic. So mój chłopak wouldn't always mean the same, as it's either a romantic or parental relationship, but you can say mój facet, which can mean romantic or professional relationship, similarly as "my guy" does.

Most Duolingo courses are strict about meanings. If there's a source-language word that means "A or B", it's better to not translate it into a target-language word that means "A or C" if you can use a target-language word that means "A or B" instead.


thank you very much! now I know everything about Polish boys, guys and men!


How come this sentence is with mój chłopak and another this unit is with mojego chłopaka. What cases are these and what is the difference in occassion?


"Mój chłopak" is Nominative. "Mojego chłopaka" is Accusative/Genitive.


Is it true that chłopak is treated like a non-masculine-personal noun in plural? Te instead of ci?


Yes and no. Yes, in Nominative it's not masculine-personal. But in other cases, it behaves normally, like masculine personal.

So you have "widzę wysokich chłopaków", as logic would suggest, and not "widzę wysokie chłopaki".


Could chłopak mean "my boy" as sort of "my son"?


Veeeeery unlikely. Maybe "chłopiec". Maybe.

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