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"Medytacja pozwala mi odpocząć."

Translation:Meditation allows me to rest.

January 24, 2016



could perhaps be to relax perhaps

helps also rather than to allow, perhaps

August 11, 2016


I agree with you about "relax". It would be more natural here.

I've noticed that my Polish students often use the word "rest" where I would use "relax", so I assume that the verbs "odpoczywać/odpoczać" have a rather wider meaning than English "rest".

May 29, 2017


We did add "relax" to some sentences with "odpocząć/odpoczywać". However, frankly, we think now it was a bad decision. It's a different verb. It's a different, more specific thing.

Maybe it would make more sense in this sentence, true. But we put "odpocząć", so...

May 30, 2017


Co to jest?

January 24, 2016


Pomyłka przy dodawaniu zdania. Trzeba było zgłosić.

January 24, 2016
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