"Medytacja pozwala mi odpocząć."

Translation:Meditation allows me to rest.

January 24, 2016

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Pomyłka przy dodawaniu zdania. Trzeba było zgłosić.


could perhaps be to relax perhaps

helps also rather than to allow, perhaps


I agree with you about "relax". It would be more natural here.

I've noticed that my Polish students often use the word "rest" where I would use "relax", so I assume that the verbs "odpoczywać/odpoczać" have a rather wider meaning than English "rest".


We did add "relax" to some sentences with "odpocząć/odpoczywać". However, frankly, we think now it was a bad decision. It's a different verb. It's a different, more specific thing.

Maybe it would make more sense in this sentence, true. But we put "odpocząć", so...


Which aspect suits better here? Duo allows both odpoczywać and odpocząć

As meditating refers to an ongoing process, I would expect the non-perfective aspect being more suitable here.


I wouldn't connect this to the noun 'meditation', since 'rest' doesn't necessarily refer to the meditation process, but rather to the result that you get out of it.

Medytacja pozwala mi odpocząć makes sense to me as in 'After meditation I feel well-rested'.


hmm, ok, my English is not too good. But as the translation goes Meditation allows me to rest. I´d think the act of resting clearly refers to meditation. Although it is indeed a nice by-product of meditation that you feel relaxed not only while, but also afterwards ;-)


Ok, I see what you mean. Alright, maybe I should have phrased this a bit differently. It's really hard to explain why 'odpocząć' is more likely in such a sentence.

So, technically 'medytacja pozwala mi odpoczywać' has two meanings:

1) Meditation enables me to enter a state in which can I rest.
2) I regularly use meditation in order to rest.

The problem with 1) is that it sounds a bit like it would otherwise be impossible to even begin resting. Furthermore, it says nothing about whether or not it is effective, whether you are getting the amount of rest you actually need.

The problem with 2) is that it lacks some more context, like (odpoczywać po pracy). Of course, the context could be implied, but since that's a rather specific scenario it's better to specify it, imho.

You can take a look at sample sentences in the Polish Corpus:

[base=pozwalać] [cas=dat]? "odpoczywać|odpocząć"

There are 18 examples for odpocząć, but only 3 for odpoczywać.



Got it right you say wrong


Please provide a screenshot/report to prove it.

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