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"Medytacja pozwala mi odpocząć."

Translation:Meditation allows me to rest.

January 24, 2016



could perhaps be to relax perhaps

helps also rather than to allow, perhaps


I agree with you about "relax". It would be more natural here.

I've noticed that my Polish students often use the word "rest" where I would use "relax", so I assume that the verbs "odpoczywać/odpoczać" have a rather wider meaning than English "rest".


We did add "relax" to some sentences with "odpocząć/odpoczywać". However, frankly, we think now it was a bad decision. It's a different verb. It's a different, more specific thing.

Maybe it would make more sense in this sentence, true. But we put "odpocząć", so...


Pomyłka przy dodawaniu zdania. Trzeba było zgłosić.

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