"Де Захід?"

Translation:Where is the West?

January 24, 2016

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Someone could explain me the ethimologies of ukrainian words for west, east, north and south? Thanks a Lot!

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    Basically, they are related to the position of the sun:

    • За́хід (genitive case form: за́ходу) is from the verb захо́дити; about sun, it means 'to set', about people, it means 'to go into'. West is the place where the sun sets.
    • Схі́д (gentive case: схо́ду) is from the verb схо́дити. About sun, it means 'to rise'. East is the place where the sun rises.
    • Пі́вдень is literally 'midday' (пів- is 'half', день is 'day'), it can mean either 'noon' or 'South'. In the northern hemisphere, at midday the sun is in the south.
    • Пі́вніч is either 'midnight' or 'North'. Of course, the sun is not visible at midnight, but it's likely that people understood mignight to be opposite to midday.


    Дуже дякую! This explanation is very useful To me: Now remembering those words will be definitely easier!


    In this sentence you can get two absolutely different translations: "Where is the West?.." and "Where is the event?" as захід/zakhid has both of these meanings.


    It could be the event if the question looked like this: "Де захід?"

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