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"I saw the meat while I was lifting the bread."

Translation:Ekmeği kaldırırken eti gördüm.

January 24, 2016



"ekmeği kaldırırken ben eti gördüm" is that near enough, would I be understood or would I be sent to Greece?


It's the same sentence except that you put an unnecessary 'ben' which Turkish people do a lot in daily speech. So you wouldn't be sent to Greece or declared as a Greek citizen.


Phew! Thanks for your reply orde90.


I am completely lost at this point. the word is: kaldirirken, the translation of while according to the hints is -iken. So why is iken nowhere in the word kaldirirken?


It is at the end. The verb is kaldırmak. Mak is dropped, then you add the aorist ır and then the ken suffix. the i from iken is dropped.


İken means while

Kaldırmak-to lift

Kaldırır iken

While lifting

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