"My birthday is in July."

Translation:Moje urodziny są w lipcu.

January 24, 2016

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Why is this są and not jest?


"urodziny" is plural always. Just a quirk of the language.


urodziny it is plural always, jest is for singular : to jest kobieta , to są kobiety


W lipcu są moje urodziny?


Well, that means that you've been talking about July (and so it happens that you were born in July), not talking about your birthday (which is in July).

But... okay, added.


This was a pick-from-three style exercise for me just now - I went with the option that had "w lupic" (my spelling might be a tad off there) at the beginning. That option also had a different ending on the word for birthday (I'm not even gonna try the spelling of that one cold right now) than the choice that ended with "w lupic"... I was told my choice was in error.

Seeing the above exchange, I am led to conclude that as far as the program is concerned my error was not in the placement of "w lupic", so.......

Was it in error because of the ending for urziny (however birthday is spelled) was something other than the form ending in -y?

[I hope what I'm asking makes sense]


If you scroll to the top of the page, you will see the correct answer which you should have chosen:

Moje urodziny są w lipcu.

Moje [nonvirile plural nominative] urodziny [plural nominative] [third person plural present tense] w lipcu [singular locative].


I appreciate that you have answered so thoroughly what you thought I was asking. Even though it wasn't, the breakdown you gave in the [] is extremely useful to me as I still have difficulty in identifying cases/forms (I suspect that is probably obvious from how I word most of my questions --blush--)

Let me try my original question a different, hopefully clearer, way:

Jellei said he had added as "acceptable" a translation with "W lipcu" at the beginning. ** With that word order, should "urodziny" remain spelled that way or does the form/spelling change as a result of where in the sentence it would then be placed?

**(I do understand that he did so reluctantly as it emphasizes the month rather than the birthday, and thus, in the long run, I shouldn't answer the question "when is your birthday" with a full sentence beginning with the month)


Ah, ok. No, word order doesn't change the grammatical forms of nouns.

I think you might also be interested in this similar example:



When talking about a month, we still need to use plural for the verb? Like "July are..."


No, why?

Plural in Polish is used because the noun "urodziny" is always plural, but it has nothing to do with the month.


What gender is urodziny? Wiktionary does not specify, so I was wondering if "Mói urodziny są w lipcu" would also be correct, or if there is a rule for this word?


It's 'not masculine-personal plural'. This word has no singular form.

And "mói" is not a word, I guess you meant "moi", but it's the wrong plural.


Why is "Mam moje urodziny w lipcu" not right?


You already have the conjugated verb, so "moje" is redundant.


I think I tried it without moje too, but rejected the shorter 'Mam urodziny w lipcu' as well.


OK, added "Mam urodziny w lipcu", but adding "moje" is indeed pretty weird, of course it's your birthday.


You keep saying that you added something. Are you one of the people who helped with making this course so you still have administrative powers over it?


He's a moderator. You can see the little icon that says mod on it beside his name. There are a few of them but Jellei is one of the most active and best!


dlaczego nie: w lipcu mam urodziny?


Why not, added.


Because then it would mean "In July I have my birthday" but a birthday is not an object, unlike the object-word phrase, birthday party


Well, although of course a birthday isn't something tangible that you can e.g. have in your hands, the Polish sentence proposed by Lolo-U sounds perfectly natural to me. You're saying that something is going to happen in July, that something is your birthday. Not even necessarily a party.


this is so confusing.. urodziny is plural but i was only born once ;P so i have only 1 day of birth..


Not necessarily, think about the aspect of different time zones. You could have two xD


don't agree, you are only born once..


This sentence doesn't refer to the day you were born, but to the date you were born on, which recurs annually.


really odd.. because that date also is ONE day a year ;) you also do not say : september 8th are my housewarming party


Some people try to find logic in it. Frankly, I don't. You may consider it weird that "urodziny" is a plural word, but the fact is... that it just is.


I like to think of it as "my birthday celebrations"


Why not? "W lipcu to moje urodzine"

  1. "urodziny"

  2. You can only use the construction with "to" if you have nouns/noun phrases on both sides. "w lipcu"/"in July" is a prepositional phrase. Basically your answer is like trying to define the meaning of "in July" by saying that it is "my birthday".

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